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YABER Pro V7 Review 2023- Your 5G Wi-FI Bluetooth Projector

YABER Pro V7 Review
Written by Edwards

The YABER PRO V7 is one of the popular home theater projectors by YABER. It’s been gaining popularity because of its advanced features, such as Digital 6D Keystone Correction, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and advanced technologies such as Basic Smart Engine.  

Besides, the battery life, speakers, and compatibility with modern devices make the projector an ideal option for a home theater. However, As with most projectors, it also has some drawbacks, which I’ll discuss later in this review. 

Advantages & Disadvantages: YABER PRO V7

Pros: What I like

  1. Incredible picture quality
  2. Easy to adjust and set up
  3. Its Portability
  4. Bright enough in daylight
  5. Carrying bag

Cons: What I don’t like

  1. Screen mirroring through iPhone

The Specification Sheet of YABER Pro V7

Native Resolution1920×1080 pixels
Brightness9500 lux
Contrast Ratio12,000:1
Projection Distance7.8~13 feet
Projection Size50~350″
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi FrequencyDual-band Wi-Fi
Light SourceLCD
Speaker1×5 Watt onboard

Features: The critical features you get with the YABER PRO V7 9500L

YABER Pro V7 - 6D image correction

Image Correction: The 6D Auto Keystone Correction Feature

Since it is rare for most budget projectors to offer the digital correction feature, the automatic 6D keystone correction technology on the YABER PRO V7 has gained great respect.

So, say goodbye to all those manual actions used to correct the image position. How does it work? When the projector finds anything wrong with the projected image, it’ll automatically fix it and bring you the standard image within a few seconds.

Wireless Connectivity: Dual-band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5.0

The YABER PRO V7 supports dual-band Wi-Fi frequencies—5GHz & 2.4GHz ensures the fastest possible Wi-F- speeds provided you have a fast internet connection.

Besides, you have the 5.0 Bluetooth support on the projector, which allows you to connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as external speakers, headphones, Airpods, Etc. 

Dual-band functionality on the YABER PRO V7

Brightness: +25% to 9500 Lux

When it comes to the brightness of the YABER PRO V7, it is rated 9500 lux. A projector that prices under 300 bucks with 9500 lux of brightness is very rare these days. Since the projector is native Full HD and supports true 1080p resolution, a projector must be bright enough to fill a large screen with good color accuracy. 

And, You can expect the same from the YABER V7 pro. The picture quality in the evening with full brightness is impressive, unbeatable for any same category projector. 

Smart Engine: YABER’s core innovation 

You’ll be surprised to hear that the smart engine technology the projector utilizes is very creative and innovative, developed to line up the projector’s brightness, display, clarity, abundant color, and sound effect by YABER itself.

Besides, the YABER PRO V7 is the first projector using this technology to ensure the best audio-visual experience at your home. 

Basic Smart Engine
Native Resolution

Resolution: Native Full HD 1080p 

As I always say, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image will be. The YABER Pro V7 supports true native 1080p resolution—(1920×1080) pixels, results in a sharper, clearer, and more detailed picture.

Moreover, I don’t recommend you spend money on a projector that offers 720p resolution if you want a theater-like experience. 

Digital Zoom: 50% Zoom Capability

Sometimes reducing the projection image becomes necessary for us because of many reasons. Therefore, a projector with a zoom function is a great option to go for. 

The Yaber Pro V7 understands it and offers the digital zoom feature with the projector. It lets you reduce the projection size up to 50%; moreover, you can choose a perfect zoom ratio according to your needs. Generally, the feature comes in handy when one tries to match the screen size and the recommended distance from the screen. 

Digital Zoom

The YABER V7: What do you get inside the box? 

  1. 1x the projector (YABER PRO V7) itself
  2. Remote control
  3. 1x Power cable
  4. Lens cover
  5. 1x Cleaning cloth
  6. 1x HDMI Cable
  7. Cleaning Kit
  8. 1x 3-in-1 AV cable
  9. Carrying bag
  10. and user Manual

Conclusion: YABER Pro V7 9500L Review

If I start off with the fact that the projector is under 300, you can’t be wrong to have this projector as a home theater. Undoubtedly, the projector delivers impressive pictures and offers incredible flexibility when it comes to compatibility and connectivity with multiple devices. 

I love the sound, somewhere average, clear, and enough for a small room. However, for a true home theater experience, it won’t be enough. Therefore, choosing an external sound system will be a smart decision. 

Overall, the YABER Pro V7 is worth every penny, as it offers unbelievable features and technologies. So if you’re looking for the best home theater projector under 300 dollars, you have the YABER Pro V7.  

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