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What Are The Common Projector Myths? Top 3 In 2023

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Written by Edwards

Today, we’ll discuss some of the top projector myths in this article. These are widespread ones and mostly spread because of a lack of knowledge. 

Since there are many projectors available on the market these days, it is challenging to choose the best one. Do you agree?

So without any further ado, let me explain all of them. 

Projector Myth 1. A projector with more lumens is always the best

It is indirectly correct. It would be best to understand that only an expensive projector can offer more lumens than a standard projector or a cheap projector. People think if there are more lumens on their projector, they have the better projector, which is entirely wrong. 

As you know, the more the lumens, the bigger the produced image size. In other words, if you want your projector to produce enough bright images, your projector should be higher in lumens.

For example, if there are two members in your home and having a standard-sized room, you don’t need to spend on a projector that offers more than 2,500 lumens. So please don’t buy a projector that offers 5000 lumens until it’ll be used as an outdoor purpose. 

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On the other hand, if you intend to buy a projector for home cinema, you should look for a high contrast ratio than high brightness. 

Projector Myth 2: When it comes to HD, all HD projectors are the same 

It is all happening because of false advertisement. It is very common these days to find an HD projector under 200 dollars. And, you forget to see that they are SVGA projectors with a standard HDMI connectivity option. Moreover, they don’t offer a native 1920×1080 resolution. 

In other words, your projector should be a native 1920×1080 resolution supported in order to produce a full HD image. So don’t go for a projector that only supports HD. Instead, look for an actual HD projector that comes with native full HD resolution. And, it is also true that only the best projectors under 500 dollars are actual HD. 

Projector Myth 3: Higher contrast ratio is always better

Just like more lumens, there are some different ways to measure the contrast ratio. For example, it may vary from display to display, meaning DLP and LCDs’ contrast ratio always different; you can’t compare them with each other. 

Most people don’t think about it and start comparing the DLP projector’s contrast ratio to the LCD projector’s contrast ratio. So whenever you buy your new projector, whether it is a cheap projector or expensive projector, make sure you compare DLP against DLP and LCD against LCD. 

A higher contrast ratio plays a crucial role when the home cinema is concerned. 

Conclusion: Projector Myths

These were the most common myths about projectors. However, there were others on my list too, such as the rainbow effect, poor color reproduction, SVGA projector with Mac, USB reader, etc. I’ll answer and add them soon in this article. 

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