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DIY Outdoor Projector Enclosures: Waterproof Box Housing Guide 2023

outdoor projector enclosure
Written by Edwards

Projector Enclosure: Want to Build Waterproof Box Housing for Outdoor Projector? step by step guide


Projector Enclosure

Projector Enclosure?

With summer right at your doorstep, you would like to make the most of the few months where the sky is clear, and the weather is comfortable.

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a movie in your garden or backyard with your family members, friends, relatives and perhaps even neighbors.

However, this would call for installing the right outdoor projector. Projectors come in different sizes, shapes, and configurations and they will without any doubt help you to enjoy watching the best of movies, sports events, live telecast and other such events.

However, you have to ensure that the projectors are adequately protected from the elements of nature, this would call for making the right waterproof and weatherproof boxing for housing the projector.

While you can get this done with the help of a professional, we are giving below a step by step approach by which it can be done using simple and reliable DIY techniques and methods.

1. Choose The Right Spot

The box for the outdoor projector should be situated at the right spot. In other words, the distance between the screen and the projector should be adequate, and it should follow the guidelines set as far as usages of the projectors are concerned.

2. Choose Plastic Corrugated Strips

You would need the right materials for making the projectors. You would do well to start with a sheet of corrugated plastics.

It should be cut in different strips. The length and breadth of the strips should be adequate to accommodate the extractor fans, and this will help you to make a pile as tall as the fan. The plastic corrugated sheets should be of the best quality. They must be able to withstand temperature ranging from 0 to +100 degree F.

3. Stack The Strips

You must then stack the strips with plastic or card. You must use a double side tape for making a stack of strips.

4. Mounting Is Important

Once the case has been made with plastic strips, and once it has been appropriately stacked, you must ensure that the door for the projector is well established.

It should also be made from corrugated plastic sheets and should have locking and keying system.

It should be thoroughly waterproof and should also ensure that dust and debris remain out of bounds.

5. The Rear Side Of the Projector Box

The rear side of projector box should also be carefully planned. While being fully waterproof and weatherproof, it should allow the connecting wire to have a place inside the box.

This could be a tricky job because there could be the risk of water seeping into the projector.

The wiring and cabling should be enclosed in a waterproof piping system.

6. Vandal & Thief Resistant

The projector box must be vandal and thief resistant, and this would depend on the lock that is being used. You should go in for a hinged door and access panels which will make projector access easy apart from ensuring safety from thieves and other burglars.

Finally, the main window must of dual pane window, and it would be advisable to go in for 99.7% clear class.

The above are a few steps approaches for a simple and effective box for your outdoor projector.

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