February 11th, 2022 at 11:25 am

Optoma HD143X Projector: Is it Nice Home Theater Projector At An Affordable Price?

Optoma HD143X: The world of projectors has greatly expanded in the modern days and Optoma projectors have not been left behind too. Today, projectors have extensively got into classrooms, homes and even backyard.

Optoma HD143X review

People are now changing their home entertainment places into a completely fledged theaters fighting with the cinema house in town. At the core of this development are projectors but not all projectors are made the same.

Well, in case you are interested in the finer details of these devices like the design, features, prices, installation and performance, you do not have to worry. We have taken up the task of picking up Optoma HD143X Projector, one of the Optoma projectors and listed down all these significant aspects exclusively for you.

At only $499.00, this Optoma HD143X qualifies to be one of the inexpensive projectors under this range of performance. And at this cost, it is an exceptional price for its blend of the three-dimensionality, contrast, solid 3D performance and the least input lag for gaming. Furthermore, just like a number of Optoma projectors, it scores in displaying essentially no rainbow artefacts too.

As you might anticipate from its somewhat lower than the standard lumen class, the HD143X offers a bit lower brightness compared to its competitors with their video optimized settings too.

However, the brightness is not sufficiently lower to make a meaningful variance in agreeable image size for any given light quality. With the application of the 1.3-gain screen and the video optimized settings, it is abundantly bright for a 145-inch 16:9 image in a bit dark room or a 90-inch picture with fair ambient light.

Let’s Talk about Some Features, Design, Performance and Installation Process

Design and features.

In regard to projectors, the most significant features are the color output and the brightness. This particular projector gives brightness at 3000 Lumens and is able to reproduce the Rec. 709 color gamut thus satisfying the international HDTV measure to ensure precise reproduction of cinematic color accurately as the director wanted.

The Optoma HD143X Projector can display actual 3D content from nearly any 3D source. Another interesting thing about the projector is that it can also accommodate quite a number of devices such as tablets or Smartphone with only one cable with the use of MHL thus, turning it into a smart display. The Optoma’s USB-A port can be applied to give power to an HDMI dongle like Google Chromecast too.

In addition to that is the Wireless option that enables one to directly stream content from a certain source to your projector wirelessly with the use of the WHD200 coming from Optoma. This is sold separately.

The Optoma HD143X Projector currently goes for 499.00$ plus an additional charges for shipping that will depend on the distance. For a projector of this model and level, this is a pretty fair price.
Other display and image features.

This projector employs the DLP display technology with a resolution of 1080p Full HD, a brightness of 3,000 lumens, 23,000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 Native ratio, 4:3 Aspect ratio, vertical 40 Keystone correction, a screen size of 0.71 meters and uniformity of 80%.

Installation and performance

When installing the Optoma HD143X Projector, the following are the connection Panel inputs that are required:

    1. USB Type A (for Power only)
    2. (2) HDMI 1.4a, 1 with MHL
    3. VESA 3D Sync
    4. 12v out
    5. 3.5mm stereo audio out
    6. All the connectors are found on the back panel.

The video performance for this projector is quite good. Even without changing color control settings, the Reference and Cinema modes gives natural-seeming color with in addition to a good sense of depth and contrast.

In case you require higher brightness, the bright mode is extensively usable, with just a small green bias in most scenes. Nevertheless, the green bias and some posterization become quite pronounced in the flesh tones on facial close-ups. The same is also true for Vivid; however, neither the green bias nor posterization is as extreme.

The projector is considerably user-friendly and the setup is as simple as powering on the machine and hooking it up to the multimedia hardware of your option.

After everything is connected, you have to fine-tune the focus manually by revolving the dial around the lens to the extent that you can obtain a crisp image. You need to do so every time to vary the distance of the projecting surface from the projector from.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • It has full 3D which supports VESA RF glasses and DLP-Link.
  • The 3D mode is modifiable, with a User mode and one predefined color.
  • Stereo audio out meant for an external sound system.
  • It is user-friendly


  • The 10-watt mono speaker for this projector gives great sound quality though just enough volume for a bit small family room.

Wrapping It Up

The Optoma HD143X is not relatively bright; however, the difference is not that big. In exchange, it is inexpensive than most projectors, gives natural-seeming color and good depth and contrast for the cost, it manages 3D than most and it provides a fast lag time.

All these features couples to make quite a nice device for TV substitute or games. Notwithstanding, the audio volume is below those of competing models just like the brightness of the video optimized image.

These two issues make it not the best choice for either TV substitute or gaming. Considering all the above, the Optoma HD143X is a good projector that you can get for the price.