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ONOAYO ONO1 5G Wi-Fi 9500L Projector Review 2023

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9500L
Written by Edwards

ONOAYO ONO1 5G Wi-Fi 9500L is an under-budget home theater projector that offers unbelievable features to meet all your needs as a video projector. It’s a native 1080p projector, boasts 9500 lux of brightness and a 12,000:1 contrast ratio. Moreover, the ONO1 can throw a large projection size of up to 300 inches; though, the recommended size is 100-140 inches from 8 to 14 feet. 

It supports dual-band Wi-Fi that ensures a fast internet connection between the devices for a smooth picture. You can connect an external sound system to the projector using Bluetooth, as it has 5.0 Bluetooth support. 

The ONO1 comes in white color with some physical ports on the back panel, while it houses critical controls on the top. It is very portable and lightweight, measures (10.1×8.2×4) inches, and weighs only 3.70lbs or 1.6kg. ONOAYO also includes a soft backpack-style carrying case with the projector, adding more value. 

The Advantages & Disadvantages of ONOAYO ONO1

Pros & Cons Of the Projector

What I like

  1. Its bright and sharp image projection
  2. Design
  3. Easy to setup 
  4. 4P Keystone correction 
  5. Backpack-like soft carrying bag 
  6. Affordable

What I don’t like

  1. Its fan noise (clearly noticeable in a quiet room)
  2. Built-in speaker 

All you need to know about the projector – ONOAYO ONO1 5G Wi-Fi 9500L

Wi-Fi Connectivity: 5Ghz Band & Bluetooth 5.0

The ONOAYO ONO1 offers the latest new generation Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Bluetooth—5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. Even though the ONO1 is a mid-range projector, costs around 250 dollars, its connectivity over Wi-Fi is no less than any expensive projector. With the support of dual-band Wi-Fi frequency, the ONO1 is way faster on the 5GHZ band compared to the 2.4GHz band. 

Sound Quality: Built-in Speaker

The ONO1 model is a well-known projector that produces top-notch sound quality from its built-in 10W stereo speaker. One of the good things about its speaker is that it can work as a speaker when connected to any smartphone. Besides, the projector lets you connect external speakers using its Audio-out port. Though, the sound from its built-in speaker is quite decent and enough for a small group of people to enjoy their favorite content. 

However, if you want an immersive sound experience, I suggest adding an external sound system. 

Brightness & Contrast

Since the brightness and contrast of an image are crucial factors for any projector, the manufacturer ONOAYO has equipped the ONO1 with 9500 lux of brightness while keeping the projector under budget. I found the projector bright enough in daylight viewing. 

However, with a lot of ambient light, it struggles to produce a clear picture on the screen. When it comes to contrast, the projector boasts a 12000:1 contrast ratio, ensures a vivid and clear picture. 

Projection size

With a maximum screen size of up to 300 inches, ONO1 delivers an immersive viewing experience for movies and gaming. However, I don’t recommend you throw this gigantic 300 inches screen size, as the projector requires more distance from the screen.

Instead, projecting a 100-inch screen size from 8 to 10 feet is an ideal option and recommendation for stunning picture quality. 

Image Correction

Unlike most same price category projectors, ONO1 offers an advanced feature for image position called 4D/4P Keystone, which allows horizontal and vertical (angle ±50°) adjustments. Moreover, the remote of the projector includes a dedicated button that walks you through the image positioning settings.

Zoom Function

The ONO1 HD projector offers the Zoom function to reduce the image from 100% to 50%. Besides, it includes a 360-degree flip function, which helps you in installing the projector on the ceiling in no time, as it can move in all directions and doesn’t require any manual action.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Even though the projector is under 300 dollars, it offers pretty much all the essential physical ports, such as 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, Audio Out, and AV port. Its parts are covered inside a dust-proof case; ONOAYO calls it Sealed Optical Engine, which prevents dust from falling on the lens. 

When it comes to the compatibility of the projector, it supports all sorts of devices, such as Laptops, TV sticks, Smartphones (Android/IOS), and PCs. Since the projector has two USB ports, you can use one of them to supply power to the USB-enabled streaming device.

Specifications: ONOAYO ONO1

Display technologyLCD
Light SourceLED
ResolutionNative 1920x1080px Full HD
Mx. resolutionUltraHD (4K)
WiFi5GHz, 2.4GHz (dual-band)
Keystone Correction4D/4P (Horizontal & Vertical) 
Projection size40″~300″
Aspect Ratio4:3/16:9
SpeakerBuilt-in 10W 
Lamp Life10,000 hours

Conclusion: Who’s this for?

The ONOAYO ONO1 is an ideal option for those looking for an inexpensive video projector for their homes. It is the best projector for under 300 dollars for your home theater setup. It has an amazing lamp life of up to 100,000 hours and offers a 3-year of warranty. You’ll love its picture quality; very clear, sharp, and bright enough to work in a well-lit room. 

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