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Best Gas Pressure Washer | Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide 2023

gas pressure washer reviews
Written by Edwards

What Is The Best-Selling & Top-Rated Gas Pressure Washer

Today we will highlight the style of a gas pressure washer. We will talk about the essential tips on buying the product, informs us about the best brands. The motto is to pinpoint the ideal model for the different needs of the user.

best gas pressure washer

Gas power washers are expensive when compared to the electric appliances. These products offer three main advantages, and they are as follows:-

  • They are more powerful
  • They are more durable
  • They are suitable to job sites and remote areas where electricity is not required.

Gas powered power equipment is popular among contractors and professionals. Earlier there existed a difference in prices between the gas-powered washers and the electric pressure washers. The later one had been costly. In recent times, the price difference between the two types of washers has closed. Presently, a dependable residential use gas washer is available at a price close to an upper range medium duty electric.

If you already own gas-run devices like the gas lawn mower, chainsaw then you can surely invest in a gas power washer provided that there are requirements for the same.

Here Are 3 Top-Rated Gas Pressure Washers Comparison

Pressure Pro E4040HG

Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S

Generac SpeedWash 6882

EngineHonda GX390Honda GX200 OHVGenerac 196cc OHV
WarrantyLifetime Frame Warranty3 Year Warranty, PUMP – 5 Year, FRAME – 10 YearFull 3 Year Warranty
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3 Featured Gas Pressure Washers Reviewes By Experts

Best For Commercial

It is a pressure PRO washer, and in this context, it is to mention that Pressure Pro washers are made with CAT or Annovi Reverberi brand pumps. Other features of the gas power washer include the fact that the washer uses a belt driven pump and is inspired by the Honda GX390 engine.

The gas power washer uses a 50 foot 4000 pounds per square inch hosepipe. The product is CARB compliant and has a lifetime warranty.

  • The Engine is powerful
  • The pump is belt driven.
  • The washer is driven by the powerful Honda GX390 engine.
  • The product is CARB compliant and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Though the product has a slanting handle, its design could have been better.

Best Overall

If you are looking for an excellent commercial pressure washer with minimal investments then SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S should be the ideal choice for you. It eliminates dirt from hard to remove spot on the floor. The hose is kink and abrasion resistant.

The washer uses hoses that are resistant to kink and abrasion. Before use, select the most appropriate nozzle tips for cleaning the surfaces. There are available different nozzle tips, and you need to choose them according to your cleaning requirements.

It is made from heavy gauge frame components. It has welded steel construction for easy movement irrespective of the terrain. The power HONDA GX200 OHV engine is very powerful. It can wash windows, and it washes decks, cement, patios, garden fences, rooftops, outdoor furniture, trucks, cars and more. The engine, pump, and frame have a 3, 5 and ten-year limited commercial warranty.

  • The washer uses a powerful pump.
  • It eliminates dirt from any floors efficiently.
  • It has flexible, lightweight and high-pressure hoses.
  • The washer has welded construction for smooth movement on any floor.
  • It includes Diverse Tips
  • It has no no holder for the gun.

Residential & Commercial

The Generac washer cleans smartly. It cleans up to 50% faster than previous model. The ergonomic spray-gun allows the user to adjust the pressure between four different tasks – car, concrete, wood, and soap – efficiently. Attachments included are Turbo nozzle which removes dirt and grime 30% faster.

The soap blaster sprays soap three times farther. Generac 196cc OHV engine is known to deliver maximum cleaning performance. The washer includes 30 feet long pressure flex hose which is kink resistant and non-marring. It also contains four quick-change nozzle tips: 0 Degree, 25 Degree, 40 Degree and soap. Pressure washer wand is attached to the pressure washer.

  • It comes with adjustable pressure knob.
  • It is easy to use.
  • comes with large wheels which make it easy to drive around.
  • 12″ longer lance helps tall people.
  • It has a vertical handle, not ergonomically designed.

What are the Features of a Gas Power Washer?

Gas power washers have internal combustion engines. The engine weighs at least 25 pounds, and this makes the gas power washers more cumbersome when compared to the electrical counterparts. Another essential feature of the gas power washer is that they are big.

1. Engine Size and Cleaning Power

Cleaning Power = Water Pressure (PSI) x Water Flow Rate (GPM)
The size of Gas power washer engines is defined in cubic centimeters (cc). More significant the number (Cleaning Power) more powerful is the engine and more powerful the engine the higher the PSI.

Flow rate typically describes the pump in gallons per minute.

2. Electric or Recoil Starter

Small internal combustion engines come with either electric or recoil starters (or both). Drivers with the electric starter are more expensive.

3. Hot Water or Cold Water

Hot water power washers come with a heating element or boiler which heats the water up 140 F (50 C) above the current temperature. Warm water helps to cleanse the stains with ease. Dishwasher now can have a good time cleaning dishes with the hot water.

4. Tire Toughness

The heavy-duty pneumatic tires are sturdy and form an essential part of the gas power washer.

5. Storage of Gasoline

If you have decided to keep your pressure washer for cars away for the winter, then empty the gas tank or add stabilizer to it. Changes in the seasonal whether cause the stored gasoline to deteriorate and this can cause ignition problems within the combustion chamber of the home pressure washer engine. Use fresh gas if you haven’t used your machine since the previous season. It is recommended on your part to store gasoline (3-4 months stock) in the garage.

6. Direct-drive versus Belt-driven Pump

There are two different methods of driving your gas power washer pump: direct-drive and belt-drive.

The pros and cons are discussed as follows:

Direct-drive – They are compact, more affordable but with extended (4+ hours/day) non-stop use and can be prone to overheating of the engine. They tend to vibrate and cause noise.

Belt-drive – It requires more space to accommodate the belt. Adding the belt implies more maintenance and less efficiency. However, it reduces the RPM, and because the strap absorbs vibration, it helps in improving the sustainability of the pump and engine. It also permits the unit to run at a low temperature and won’t overheat even with extended (8 hours/day) of use.

Here are some of the best Gas Power Washer Brands In 2023

  • Generac
  • Simpson
  • Pressure Pro

Product Prices

Only a few brands of gas pressure washers are available at $300. In the range of $300 and $500, You can find Heavy-duty gas power washers. These washers have cleaning power 2x or 3x than the conventional electric washers. Most don’t need gas power washers this powerful. If you do need, then you get a premium unit with tremendous potential .

Product Warranty

The warranties are pretty standard. The engines of these power washers have a two-year limited warranty. Rest of the unit has a year of warranty. In some cases items like pressure gun, hose and nozzles are covered for 90 days.

Final Verdict

Each one of the washers has a powerful engine and other items like high-pressure hoses that help to clean different types of the cleaning surfaces, floors using detergent concentrate. I say you choose the product that is effective and efficient, at the same time cost-effective.

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