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5 Best computer cases 2018 | Buyer’s Guide & Review

The computer case helps the computer hardware and its components to keep them protected from dust or static electricity or in some cases away from the children. It is designed to house your PC components and gives them the structural integrity to survive in day to day household situations. You don’t need a case to have a running computer, you can...

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5 Best Computer Gaming Chair 2018

Gaming can be addictive. Hence, most of the gamers tend to spend a lot of their time in front of the monitor thereby, bringing along the importance of a gaming chair. Isn’t it just a chair? This is a question most people could ask. But those who take their gaming Thrones a little more serious, understand it’s not just one, it requires a lot of...


5 Best SSD for Gaming 2018 | Buyer’s Guide & Review

For gamers, the worst thing that could happen is a computer freeze or slow loading times while playing. An SDD (Solid State Drive) will resolve all your computer’s performance problems. Therefore in this buyer’s guide and review, we feature five of the best SDDs for gaming.   5 Best SSDs Comparison Guide Benefits Of Buying SSD ? Some of the...


Best RAM for Gaming 2018 | Buyers Guide & Review

If you are, wondering why your gaming computer is responding slowly then you might want to check the Read access memory (RAM). Good RAM is not only important when gaming but also when involved in other demanding tasks, such as video editing or when opening different applications at the same time. Technically RAM won’t increase your game speed...


5 Best Computer for Video Editing 2018

After successfully recording your first big event, the next step is to edit it. This calls for not just any video editing computer, but the most ideal one for the job. How do you make the best pick? Well, here’s a helpful guide that reviews the best computers for video editing so you can make an informed choice. 5 Best Computer for Video Editing...