5 Best Tablet for College Student 2023

Best Tablet for College
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Best Tablet for CollegeTablets have taken gadget versatility to the next level. If you are seeking to reply to quick emails, to watch a movie or surf the internet, with a tablet you have the potential to do all this with reduced hassle. However, making the right choice regarding the gadget poses a challenge to most potential buyers.

With different models cropping up daily, in all designs and shapes, different operating systems and a wider scope of prices making a choice for the best becomes hectic.

Below we edify you more on the tablet subject. We line up the importance of buying a tablet and analyze five Best Tablet for College in the market that will help whittle your choices to one that best matches your needs.

Best Tablet for College Comparison Guide

Tablet's NameRam SizeScreen SizePriceCheck Price !
Apple iPad Mini 2
Apple iPad Mini 2

[usr 4.6 size=17]
16 GB
7.9 inches
Samsung Galaxy SM
Samsung Galaxy SM

[usr 4.6 size=17]
3 GB
8 inches 
ASUS Transformer Book
ASUS Transformer Book

[usr 3.5 size=17]
4 GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

[usr 4.0 size=17]
128 GB
12.3 Inches
Asus Zenpad S 8
Asus Zenpad S 8

[usr 4.1 size=17]
2 GB
8 inches

The advantages of purchasing a Tablet?

What does a tablet offer that a PC or a laptop don’t offer? For the skeptical lot, below is an analysis of the advantages you get after purchasing a Best Tablet for College.

  • Portability: Unlike computers and laptops, tablets are in overall lightweight and easy to carry around. Though a single hand grip could not accommodate them, placing it on your lap does all the magic. If you wish to respond to a quick Email, it is easy to grab your tablet as opposed to rushing to your computer desk for the same.
  • Productivity: It is a no brainer that you cannot type a whole project using a tablet`s virtual keyboard. However, during meetings or class sessions and you need to jot down some simple points, a tablet can do the task with ease. It also serves well when you need to do simple research.
  • Entertainment: The screen size of a tablet matches up to that of a portable DVD or a laptop. This size makes it a good choice to watch movies and TV shows from any location. You don’t need to fill up your tablet`s internal memory with loads of films. It carries along features like Netflix and Hulu to facilitate online streaming of the same.
  • Adaptability: As earlier mentioned, many developers are available to make sure your tablet using experience is enhanced. Most of them have a store from where you can purchase apps to suit your functions using the tablet. For instance, if you are a social media addict, you can adorn your tablets with social media apps like Twitter and Facebook that are available in the market.
  • Battery life: Laptops are known to drain charge rather fast as opposed to other gadgets matching their functions. With a tablet, for example, one gets almost a full day service without necessarily needing to recharge the device. Carrying a charger and a laptop can be very cumbersome at times making a tablet a better choice.

5 Best Tablet for College Student Review

After taking a look at the advantages tablets carry along, the only hurdle left is making a choice of the best in the market today. Below is an overview of the 5 Best Tablet for College available for purchase and the cool features they carry.

Apple iPad Mini 2The elegant and sleek design the Apple Ipad Mini 2 brings along makes it dear for most potential buyers. It is probably the best looking 7-inch sized tablet available in the market today owing to its sophisticated looks and high-quality model.

The IPad`s resolution is crucial to note, thanks to its Retina display. The retina display increases the model’s clarity and eases to read through texts. Since its Personal gadget, the camera is also a key consideration.

The IPad mini 2 carries a five-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera. It has a longer battery life that stays to 10 hours making it better than its competitors.


  • It has a sharp retina screen display hence perfect resolution.
  • Has a sleek design to enhance portability.
  • The battery life is longer compared to its competitors.
  • It has a big display screen.


  • Its storage is minuscule only 16 GB non-expandable.
Among all Apple IPad, this is probably the cheapest model available. Though it has a slower speed as compared to the recent crop ups, it is likely to be a good choice for basic tasks. Placing an order for the same could be the only evidence of how effective the gadget can serve you.

Samsung Galaxy SM-T713NZKEXARIt is only right to term the tab one of the best affordable tablets Samsung has ever produced. The tablet features an 8-inch widescreen and is slim and lightweight to enhance its portability. Unlike its competitor models, that has a metallic wrapping the tablet has a plastic one that facilitates its light nature.

The tablets run mash mallow Android version 6.0 and come fully stocked with Microsoft word apps like word and excel making it an ultimate choice for students. Its ability to handle two operations at one go makes it a number one option to perform basic office operations.

It has an Octacore processor, a RAM spanning to 3 GB and a 32GB internal memory. If the memory is small for your use, you can expand it up to 128 GB depending on your needs.


  • It has a large internal memory that is expandable.
  • The RAM memory is great to facilitate smooth operation.
  • Has a wide screen to enhance easy viewing.
  • It runs the latest Android operating system.


  • It has a shorter battery life.
  • It is less safe owing to its plastic model.

In the market today, Samsung tablets have continued to gain unprecedented popularity. With the Samsung Galaxy SM, a reflection of quality is what the tab carries along. Its selling point is its latest Android operating system. It is probably the game changer in the tablet world today.

ASUS Transformer BookAre you a student and seeking to match affordability and performance to your academic life? Then worry no more, Asus got you covered. Its ability to match up as a tablet after detaching it from the keyboard and at the same time as a notebook is vital to note. It has a slim and lightweight design to enhance its portability.

It is well versed technically thanks to its 4 GB RAM memory and 1.44 GHz processor that enhances fast operations. Its internal memory spans to 64 GB and has a pre-installed Windows 10 to facilitate user interface. It has an easy to touch keyboard and a quick to navigate touch screen to boost its functionality.


  • Has a detachable keyboard to ease its typing activities.
  • It has a two in one nature hence operate as a tablet and same time as a notebook.
  • Its RAM is big enough to facilitate easy operations.
  • It features the latest Bluetooth compatibility of 4.1
  • It is highly portable.


  • Made from poor materials making it less durable.
  • It is complicated to operate as it doesn’t use standard Android OS.

For users seeking to add a computer touch to their tab using experience, Asus transformer is home for them. With its pre-installed Windows and a keyboard, it looks more of a lighter laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4With this tablet, it is evident that Microsoft `s relevance in the gadget world is not fading anytime soon. It is light though slightly compact device a feature that makes it easily portable. It incorporates a wider screen that is up to 12.3 inches to reduce strain as you try to grasp information from it.

It has a kickstand that is sturdy enough to accommodate its weight and enhance its operations. To increase ease when taking up notes, the IPad has a surface pen included in the purchased pack. The pen uses batteries that allow its usage for a longer period.


  • Has a surface pen to enhance operation.
  • It has an easy kickstand to improve versatility.
  • It has a wider screen to allow easy viewing.
  • It has a longer battery life.


  • It is heavier than its competitors making it lesser portable.
  • It is complicated to operate.

Being a Microsoft product, it is probably a dear gadget to most Microsoft enthusiasts. It could only be fair to try it out and see how well it can serve you.

Asus Zenpad S 8The tablet runs a 5.0 lollipop android operating system, Asus tablet is, of course, a preferred gadget for students. It has an awesome resolution and wider screen display that spans to 8 inches.

It has a 2 GB RAM with a 1.3 GHz Quad core processor to enhance its operation. Its internal memory plays a great deal to increase the storage space for information.

If at all the memory doesn’t suit your need, the IPad offers an opportunity to expand it to 128 GB in preference to your choice. It has a dual camera with 5 megapixels on the rear and 2 megapixels at the front.


  • The tablet runs a highly reliable Android operating system.
  • Has a wide screen to ease view.
  • Has larger RAM and internal storage to allow secure operations.
  • Has a high processor that enhances efficiency.


  • The tablet has a shorter battery life.
  • It is made from poor quality materials making it less durable.

The tablet is simplified making it the first choice for students. It could only be wiser to settle for the Asus owing to its cool features and eased usage.

Final Verdict

  • With the above analysis, it is evident of how diverse the tablet market is as far as tablets are concerned. The only thing left is making a choice of which one matches your pocket and need. Make a good choice to ensure a smooth operation.

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