Best Subwoofer Brands With Recommendation For 2023

best subwoofer brands
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What Are The Leading Subwoofer Brands? Let’s See Complete List

Subwoofer Brands

Before I can talk about the best car subwoofer brands this year, I would like to pose a question to you. What do you do before buying a product? Well, let’s face it guys! We always ask for advice from the veterans because naturally, none of us wants to be branded as a failure. This isn’t a bad move.

Well, that’s a move in the right direction but let me first put it on the record that no car worth its salt is complete without a good subwoofer! However, getting a decent one can be tricky if not daunting. I mean, how do you choose a subwoofer brand which guarantees to produce all the frequencies; from the lowest rumble to the highest shimmering of harmonics? To answer this question, I have dedicated this post to enlighten you on some of the top-ranked car subwoofer brands out there.

It doesn’t matter whether the grooves you hold levitate towards country music, reggae, pop, R&B, rock n’ roll or blues. I got the know-how, information and skills to hook you up with the right brand.

Here Are The 6 Best Subwoofer Brands Which are Trending In 2023

1. Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer – Car Audio, Video & GPS

rockford fosgate p300

Rockford Fosgate is synonymous with high tech and also famous for producing the world’s first car amplifier which gave a whole new definition to music in cars. Ever since, the company has gracefully continued to produce top-notch car music systems such as subwoofers, car speakers, and car audio systems. Their passion is deeply rooted in producing impactful and modern subwoofer which users can resonate classes.

The company is currently producing punch, prime and power series subwoofers which are ideal for truck and car audio systems. They excel in delivering high-quality sounds and frequencies which seamlessly work together to produce clear and crispy sound in any car’s audio system.

A brief breakdown of the subwoofer series they produce

Prime subwoofer

This is the primary series of the company’s line of subwoofers. They come in handy as high-performance car audio systems ideal for music lovers not willing to sacrifice a lot of money for a car subwoofer but still can’t promise on the quality of the sound.

Punch subwoofer.

Subwoofers under this category represented a standard quality built on the brand’s tradition but committed to producing solid and deep bass in your car’s audio system.

Power Subwoofer

This series of subwoofers raises the bar for car stereo systems with exquisite frequencies and window-rattling bass. This series can be considered as the ultimate crown of the brand.

Their top car subwoofer is the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch Subwoofer which comes in a stylish and ergonomic design and also packs enough power to keep all of your musical vibes uninterrupted.

2. Pioneer Subwoofers – For Powerful Bass

Pioneer was founded in 1983 by Nozomu Matsumoto in a bid to excite the love and intensity of the music. Guided by a motto of “Move the heart and touch the soul” pioneer has been on a journey to revolutionize the whole of idea of car stereo systems in many ways.

The company’s success can be attributed to its massive investment in innovation and research which has helped the company develop and accumulate cutting edge technology. This technology has enabled the company to produce consumer-driven products such as amplifiers, car subwoofer, speakers and several other car audio accessories.

State of the art designs and dominant performance has elevated pioneer into becoming one of the most popular brands among car stereo fans. Its subwoofers are manufactured under six unique categories. Namely:

  • Shallow mount
  • Champion series pro
  • Champion series
  • Subwoofer by size
  • Powered subwoofer
  • Enclosures and Grilles

Under the pioneer series, the PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch emerges as an excellent car subwoofer. It boasts as one of the most powerful subwoofer systems, and you will appreciate if you install it in your car.

3. MTX Subwoofer –  For SPL, SQ Applications And MTX Audio

MTX Audio is synonymous with wise leadership, a solid vision and extreme dedication to producing state of the art and the best car subwoofer.

It was started in 1971, and since then it has outgrown itself to stamp its authority as one of America’s biggest manufacturer of marine, car, home subwoofers and personal audio accessories and systems.

Over a span of about 40 years, the company has been producing exquisite car subwoofers distinguished around the globe.

It is renowned for Black Gold, RFL, Blue Thunder, T9500, Eliminator and its most recent addition – Thunder series subwoofers. Under its belt, the MTX also boasts of several other models such as:

  • Terminator Subwoofers
  • 55 Series Subwoofers
  • S65 Series Subwoofers
  • Thunder Series Subwoofer
  • 35 Series Subwoofers
  • Jackhammer Super Woofer
  • 95 Series Subwoofers
  • Flat Piston Shallow Mount Subwoofers
  • 75 Series Subwoofers

Of all these, the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer emerges as the best car subwoofer. It features a signature Inverted APEX design and capable of delivering more SPL than any other subwoofer in its category.

4. Alpine Subwoofer – Car Audio, Video & GPS Electronix

This tech giant specializes in producing mobile multimedia products purposely for mobile entertainment. It also incorporates an integrated system approach in digital entertainment to create stylish audio systems.

As a result, it has established itself as a leading producer of the highly recommended car subwoofer, high-performance speakers, amplifiers and several other audio accessories.

Its catalog feature six categories of car subwoofers which can be distinguished according to body dimensions, build materials, power handling capacity and frequency response range. The categories are:

  • • W Subwoofers
  • • Type-X Subwoofers
  • • SWT Subwoofers
  • • Type-R Subwoofers
  • • Re-loaded Subwoofers
  • • Type-S Subwoofers

Among all these models, the Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 8-Inch Subwoofer boasts as a good car subwoofer under this manufacturer. It packs enough power to rattle and vibrate your cars in ways you might find hard to comprehend.

5. Kicker Subwoofer – Car Audio, Electronics, Stereo

Steve Irby started kicker in 1973 as a two-man operation building professional audio music systems by hand. Kicker is credited for developing the company’s first system and also inventing the mobile stereo enclosure market. The system was a full frequency range speaker precisely designed to be fitted in cars and trucks.

Later on, the company moved to producing signal processors, amplified controllers, subwoofers, speakers and loaded enclosures among several other audio devices.

This company is renowned for producing high-quality subwoofers though you have to cough out extra dollars for their products.However, the company also produces primary and mid-range subwoofers for people working on a limited budget.

  • Kicker has the following models under its production belt:
  • Compaq
  • CompR
  • Comp
  • CompVR
  • CompRT
  • L7
  • CompC
  • CompVX
  • Solo-Baric L7s
  • CompVT

Though several models exist under the series stated above, the KICKER 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered is the most rated car Subwoofer. It beats them all to emerge as the most powerful and handiest of all. It comes with a good frequency range, great mounting depth, and solid bass.

6. Rockville Professional Sound – Pro Audio & Portable

Rockville is a privately held and independent company located in the United States. The company actively produces accessories for mobile, home, marine, sports and car audio markets.

Their primary emphasis is in producing high-end car speakers, high-performance subwoofers, and amplifiers for customers from around the world.

They offer a wide array of subwoofer designs both for cars and trucks. Some of their unique models include:

  • Bass Wedge system.
  • Micro Subsystem.
  • Pro Wedge system.
  • Power Wedge+ system.
  • H.O. Wedge system.
  • Power Wedge system.

The top car subwoofer of all these systems is the Rockville RW10CA 10″ Powered Car Subwoofer which packs enough power to deliver high-quality frequencies and sounds.

Final words

As we come to the conclusion of our review, I am sure that you’ve learned a thing or two concerning the best subwoofer brands out there. By now, you must be having an idea of what will make your car tick.

From my side, I can only wish you all the best and hope that whichever brand you are going to go with, you will receive the musical satisfaction you have been craving for.

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