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Best Projector Under 1000
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If you asked me the best projector under 500, I’d have said there is none. However, regarding the best projector under 1000, I can recommend many good options and types, from a mini portable projector to a full-sized home theater projector.

Because in this price range, we won’t compromise on crucial features and technologies of the projector, such as image correction (keystone), brightness (lumens), throw ratio, throw distance, projection size, display technology, ETC.

To make this article helpful for everyone, I have created a list of the top ten projectors under $1000. You’ll find reviews containing pros, cons, and my thoughts about the projector. Remember, the reviews and the recommended projectors list result from fifty popular projector models, expert and customer reviews, and forum threads.

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, the following comparison table is for you.

Comparison Table To Choose The Best One

ImageProductDetails  Price
ViewSonic PX701ViewSonic PX701 Resolution: Native 4K (3840x2160p)
Brightness: 3,200 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: 300″
Check Price
Optoma HD28HDROptoma HD28HDRResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 3600 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 120″
Check Price
BenQ HT2050A - SBenQ HT2050AResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 2200ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 300″
Check Price
Epson Home Cinema 3200 - SEpson Cinema 3200Resolution: Native 4K UHD
Brightness: 2900 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 300″
Check Price
BenQ TH671ST- SBenQ TH671STResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 300″
Check Price
ViewSonic PX706HDViewSonic PX706HDResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 300″
Check Price
BenQ HT2150STBenQ HT2150STResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 2200 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 300″
Check Price
Optoma HD39HDRxOptoma HD39HDRxResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 3600 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 120″
Check Price
BenQ MH733 SmallBenQ MH733Resolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 4000 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 300″
Check Price
Optoma EH200STOptoma EH200STResolution: Native (1920×1080)p
Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size: Max. 120″
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Top Ten Best Projectors Under $1000 Reviews

ViewSonic PX701-4K

ViewSonic PX701-4K

The first projector comes from a very popular brand, ViewSonic. The model PX701 comes with an ultraHD (3840x2160p) resolution. It offers 3200 ANSI lumens and utilizes HDR and HLG technologies for the best color performance.

With true 4K resolution, the PX701 offers fast response time and supports HDR content at 240Hz. It has 3,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, enough to light a large screen up to 150 inches (diagonally). However, the maximum image projection size is 300 inches.

Unlike LCD projectors, ViewSonic has utilized a new display technology called SuperColor claims better color performance in all environments, be it extremely bright or dark.

Other features include 1.1 Optical Zoom, Vertical & Horizontal keystone, 4.2ms response time with 240Hz refresh rate, and 10W built-in speakers. Even though the built-in speaker is loud, I advise pairing the PX701 with an external sound system.


  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 240Hz refresh rate and 4.2ms response time
  • Vertical lens shift technology
  • Supports a wide range of inputs
  • Built-in 10W speaker


  • No built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Not compatible with 3D content
  • Manual zoom lens not included in the package

Optoma HD28HDR

Optoma HD28HDR - best gaming projector under 1000

The Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector is the perfect solution for creating an immersive home theater experience. The projector features a bright 3600 lumens of brightness and a stunning 50,000:1 contrast ratio – making it ideal for viewing movies and gaming in any room. It also has HDR10 compatibility, enabling you to enjoy the latest content with greater detail, depth, and vibrant colors than ever before.

Furthermore, its vertical lens shift feature lets you place the projector off-center from your screen without sacrificing image quality. With its long lamp life of up to 15,000 hours and low fan noise of only 29dB – this projector provides years of entertainment with minimal maintenance required. Whether a movie fan or an avid gamer, the Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector is the perfect addition to any home theater setup.

This projector also comes with several advanced features, such as 3D capability, 120Hz refresh rate, and lens-shift technology. The projector boasts five picture modes – Bright, Cinema, Game, Reference, and Dark Room – so you can easily adjust the image based on your environment. Additionally, this device has two HDMI inputs that support up to 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 compatibility and a USB port for easy connection to external devices.

The package also includes a remote control for added convenience and stereo speakers for a complete audio-visual experience. With its excellent image quality, flexible installation options, and expansive feature set – the Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector is an ideal choice for anyone looking to create a truly stunning home theater experience.


  • Clear and detailed image
  • HDR support
  • Easy to use on-screen menu
  • Compatible with various devices,
  • Long lamp life


  • Noisy cooling Fan

BenQ HT2050A 1080P 

BenQ HT2050A 1080P  - BenQ's best projector under 1000

The BenQ HT2050A features a powerful 2200-lumen brightness, making it ideal for daytime and nighttime use. The projector has impeccable image quality thanks to its native resolution of 1920×1080, which allows it to display stunning details and accurate colors. With its expansive 1.3x Zoom Ratio, you can easily adjust the screen size from 60″ to 300″ in seconds.

In addition, the lamp life lasts up to 15000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs often. And with built-in 10W speakers, you will surely get great sound quality without needing external speakers. Features like horizontal and vertical lens shifts give you greater flexibility in setting up the projector. With two-dimensional (2D) keystone correction, you can easily adjust the aspect ratio of your image to fit any screen size.

This projector has a wide selection of ports and connections, including two HDMI ports, two USB ports, and one VGA port, allowing you to connect it to your other devices easily. For added convenience, this projector can be wall mounted and includes a ceiling mount bracket. Plus, it has EnergySmart technology, which reduces power consumption when not in use — helping you save money on electricity bills over time.

The BenQ HT2050A also comes with various image modes, so you can easily switch between Bright, Graphic, Cinema, and Movie modes depending on your needs. Each mode provides an optimized viewing experience with unique settings, allowing you to get the most out of every movie or TV show. Additionally, this projector has 3D compatibility so that you can enjoy immersive 3D movies in your living room — be sure to have a compatible 3D Blu-ray player or gaming console ready to go.


  • Crisp & clear Image
  • Brightness of ANSI 2200 Lumens
  • Short throw & wide lens shift range
  • Dual HDMI ports
  • Built-in 10W audio speaker
  • 3D compatibility with DLP Link technology


  • Not compatible with 4K video sources

Epson Home Cinema 3200

Epson Home Cinema 3200 - Espon's best projector under 1000

This projector brings stunning 4K resolution, HDR10, and HLG compatibility for the best image quality. Its wide color gamut helps ensure rich, accurate colors from any content source. The 3LCD technology ensures sharp picture quality, and its built-in Epson Pro Cinema engine automatically adjusts to optimize performance for brightness, contrast, color accuracy, detail, and sharpness. With up to 2900 lumens, this projector can easily fill large screens or rooms with clear images even in daylight. It also has a motorized lens shift that makes it easy to position the projector and an intuitive setup menu. This projector is ideal for any home theatre setting with its flexible placement options.

The Epson 3200 has an impressive contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1 for deep blacks and bright whites. This helps create the true-to-life images that one would expect from a high-quality home theater projector. It also helps prevent hot spots and improves the overall image sharpness. The dynamic iris helps further improve the contrast ratio and gives viewers an even better image quality. This projector also has an exclusive Super-Resolution enhancement feature that uses a unique algorithm to upscale images for a sharper, more detailed picture. Plus, it has a long-lasting lamp life of up to 10,000 hours in ECO mode, so you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs often.

In addition to all these features, this projector also comes with two HDMI ports that can connect multiple devices, such as gaming consoles or streaming devices. It’s compatible with various sound systems and wireless speakers for added convenience. This projector also has a variety of built-in sound modes that make it easy to get the most out of your audio experience. With its advanced technology and long-lasting reliability, this projector will bring your movies and TV shows to life.


  • 4K PRO-UHD Resolution
  • HDR10 & HLG support
  • Three LCD Chips display technology
  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home


  • Limited connectivity features

BenQ TH671ST 1080p

BenQ TH671ST

The BenQ TH671ST is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a high-quality gaming experience without sacrificing space. Featuring Full HD 1080p resolution, 3000 ANSI Lumens of brightness, and a 0.5 ultra-short throw ratio, the TH671ST delivers stunning visuals in any environment while keeping setup costs low. With support for HDR10 technology and 5W stereo speakers, this projector ensures vivid colors and immersive sound.

The vertical keystone correction feature allows you to easily adjust each corner of the image to ensure a perfectly proportioned picture every time. A 100″ image can be projected from just over 5 feet away, so you don’t have to worry about throwing off your furniture arrangement when gaming. Additionally, this projector comes with a variety of gaming-friendly features, such as low input lag and quick response time for smoother gameplay.

The BenQ TH671ST offers an impressive 10,000:1 contrast ratio, allowing you to experience deeper blacks and brighter whites with more accurate color reproduction. With its native 16:9 aspect ratio, this projector creates a cinematic viewing experience ideal for movie nights at home. Additionally, the TH671ST has vertical lens shift functionality, which makes setup easier than ever.

The BenQ TH671ST features two HDMI ports connecting audio/visual devices and peripherals like a gaming console or streaming device. It also provides a USB port for powering additional components such as speakers or game controllers. In addition to these ports, the TH671ST includes integrated 3D support via DLP Link, allowing users to enjoy 3D movies or games with compatible glasses.

Its user-friendly design makes it easy to set up and use right out of the box. The included remote control lets you adjust picture settings quickly and easily, so you can spend more time playing and less time tinkering with settings. This projector keeps running costs down over time with its low maintenance requirements. If there are any technical issues, the 24/7 customer service team is available to help via live chat.


  • Short throw Projection
  • Image Quality
  • Sound
  • Built-in dedicated picture modes, including gaming mode
  • Multiple connection options


  • Lack of vertical lens shift,
  • Rainbow effect

ViewSonic PX706HD

ViewSonic PX706HD

This projector delivers an impressive image with vibrant color and sharp detail, making it perfect for watching movies, video games, or other digital media content. The short-throw design allows you to project onto almost any surface from a shorter distance than traditional projectors, making it ideal for home theaters and other compact spaces.

The ViewSonic PX706HD features an impressive 1080p resolution and a short throw 1.2x zoom, allowing you to project onto screens up to 300 inches in size easily. The projector also features acclaimed Cinema SuperColor technology, which produces more than one billion colors for true-to-life color accuracy and maximum impact. Additionally, the projector’s 3000-lumen brightness ensures that your image will remain vivid even in ambient light.

The ViewSonic PX706HD projector is easy to install and includes all necessary cables, including an HDMI cable, for quick setup. It also has a built-in speaker system that produces a crisp, clear sound that can be adjusted using the remote control. This model has two HDMI ports to connect multiple devices, such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and streaming devices. The 20,000:1 contrast ratio ensures images are rich in color and detail while remaining true to the source material. Finally, the low fan noise means you won’t be distracted by background noise during movies or games.

Plus, this projector has a lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, allowing you to enjoy your favorite media for years without worrying about bulb replacement. This model also comes with a one-year limited warranty covering materials and workmanship defects. The warranty also includes 24/7 technical support by phone or email should you have any questions or issues.


  • Bright & Crisp
  • Short throw projection
  • Vertical lens shift and keystone correction
  • Easy-access ports,
  • Built-in 10W speaker


  • No 3D support

BenQ HT2150ST 1080P

BenQ HT2150ST

This powerful projector offers incredible picture quality, with a brightness level of 2,200 ANSI lumens and up to a 10000:1 contrast ratio. The short-throw lens allows users to project large images from close distances, making it the perfect choice for small spaces. The built-in 10W speakers provide crisp sound for movies or presentations.

This projector utilizes the latest in projection technology with its DLP system. Developed by Texas Instruments, Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a type of chip that uses millions of tiny mirrors to reflect light and create an image on the display or projector. This technology offers vivid colors and a sharper image compared to traditional projection methods. Additionally, DLP technology eliminates the rainbow effect and other artifacts produced by other projection forms, leading to a smoother viewing experience.

Furthermore, it features 3D support and multiple inputs, including two HDMI ports, allowing you to connect all your favorite devices. With its low fan noise of 28dB during operation, the HT2150ST ensures that users can enjoy their content without distraction. Additionally, this projector includes features like a built-in picture-in-picture, allowing you to show two images side by side.

The BenQ HT2150ST offers flexible installation for a variety of settings. Its vertical lens shift allows the projector to be installed at any angle without adjusting the image quality, giving users more control over their home theater or classroom setup. It also features automatic keystone correction that aligns the projected image regardless of its position, ensuring an even and clear picture every time. Plus, with its 1.2x zoom capability, you can easily adjust the size of your projection while maintaining high-definition resolution.


  • Bright, accurate colors with Rec. 709
  • Short throw lens
  • Long Lamp life
  • Easy installation
  • Vertical keystone and 1.2x zoom


  • Limited 3D support with DLP Link technology

Optoma HD39HDRx 

Optoma HD39HDRx

The Optoma HD39HDRx projector offers up to 4,000 lumens with a contrast ratio of 500,000:1 for incredibly vivid colors and deep blacks. It also features a true-to-life 1080p resolution, HDR compatibility, and PureMotion frame interpolation technology that eliminates motion blur and reduces judder. The vertical lens shift feature makes it easy to align the image perfectly on your wall or ceiling without repositioning the projector itself.

The Optoma HD39HDRx projector offers a lightning-quick response time of 8.4ms, making it ideal for gaming. This means that games will look smooth and responsive with no lag or input delay. The native refresh rate of 120Hz ensures that even the fastest action scenes remain sharp and detailed. It also comes with an HDMI 2.0 port which supports 4K UHD video sources at 60Hz, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate immersive gaming. It also features multiple ports, including two HDMI inputs and one USB output. It allows you to connect various devices, such as gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, laptops, and media streaming devices. It also supports 3D content and side-by-side gaming to enjoy the most immersive experience possible.

The HD39HDRx is designed with energy efficiency in mind, consuming just 270 watts during operation. This helps to reduce your electricity bills while still delivering superb image quality. Furthermore, it features a long lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, making it economical too. The Eco+ mode optimizes brightness and contrast levels while decreasing power consumption by up to 70%, making it an even better choice for power-conscious users.


  • Up to 4,000 lumens of brightness
  • HDR compatibility with HDR10 and HLG formats
  • Amazing contrast up to 500,000:1
  • 1.3x zoom and wide lens shift range
  • Stream HD content via HDMI 2.0


  • Not compatible with Dolby Vision HDR format

BenQ MH733 1080P

BenQ MH733

The BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector is perfect for various business presentations and multimedia applications. It is ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, corporate training sessions, home theater systems, and digital signage displays. This model boasts an impressive brightness of 4000 lumens, allowing you to project clear images in even the brightest environments. The full HD resolution provides sharp and vivid visuals, while the short-throw design ensures that images can be projected from anywhere in the room. Additionally, it comes with BenQ’s BrilliantColor technology which helps enhance color performance for more lifelike presentation visuals.

The BenQ MH733 offers an impressive 10,000:1 contrast ratio allowing it to produce sharper images with higher contrast and more details in the shadows and highlights. This makes the color performance even better, providing users with superb image quality regardless of the ambient light. With such a high contrast ratio, users can expect vibrant and detailed images that truly stand out from the crowd. Combined with its full HD resolution, this business projector will ensure presentations look their best every time.

Additionally, this model has an intuitive user interface that allows users to navigate menus and customize settings according to their needs easily. It also comes with a remote control for added convenience when using this model in large venues or presentations. It also comes with a comprehensive one-year limited warranty. This covers any damages or defects caused by normal use, meaning you can be sure your projector will stay in top condition for years to come. The warranty also provides free repair services should any issues arise during the specified time frame. With its superior quality and reliable service, users can rest easy knowing their investment is protected in the long run.


  • High brightness
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Short throw projection
  • Built-in 10W speakers provide great audio quality
  • Easy to set up
  • User-friendly on-screen menu


  • Limited picture adjustments

Optoma EH200ST

The Optoma EH200ST is ideal for a short-throw projector that delivers bright and crystal-clear images. This projector has a 3000-lumen brightness and a 0.49 throw ratio, allowing you to place the projector just inches away from the screen or wall for large-scale viewing. A 20,000:1 contrast ratio ensures accurate color reproduction and deep blacks with vibrant whites.

The Optoma EH200ST also features BrilliantColor technology that allows you to adjust the intensity of each primary color in order to produce more realistic images with greater vibrancy and saturation. It supports various 3D formats, including Blu-ray 3D, HDMI 1.4a, PC graphics cards, and 3D TV broadcast systems. Plus, it comes with a vertical lens shift and a 1.2x optical zoom, making installation easy and flexible.

The EH200ST has an impressive 0.49:1 throw ratio, meaning it can project a 100-inch diagonal image from just four feet away. This makes it ideal for short-throw applications such as classrooms, boardrooms, and other small spaces. Combined with its vertical lens shift feature, this allows for greater flexibility when installing the projector in hard-to-reach places.

The Optoma EH200ST also features a built-in 10W speaker, providing clear and powerful sound for all your movies, sports games, and other multimedia content. The projector operates at only 29dB with its quiet fan, making it virtually silent. This ensures that the content you’re watching won’t be drowned out or interrupted by loud fan noises.


  • Short-throw Projection
  • Full HD Native 1080p resolution
  • Customizable picture settings
  • 3D compatibility
  • MHL connectivity


  • Limited connectivity options

Buying Guide: Crucial things to keep in mind before spending $1000

If you want a perfect video projector for under $1000, I want you to go through these crucial factors. The following features are taken keeping 1000 dollars budget in mind, so don’t compare them with the features expensive models offer. As expensive projectors offer high-quality, brighter, sharper, and clearer images with brilliant colors, comparing them with lower-priced projectors won’t be fair. 

Having said that, you can’t say a 1000-dollar projector won’t provide excellent picture quality and be able to replace your TV. So, go through these points and make a smart decision. 

Display Technology: 

We have two popular projector display technology options in this price range: DLP and LCD. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, while DLP stands for digital light processing. Both displays have their advantages and disadvantages.


DLP displays are common in movie theater projectors because they use a panel of mirrors—each one’s job is to represent one pixel. DLP displays are 3D-compatible and handle dark scenes better because of their high contrast ratios. 

Besides, they don’t have rainbow artifacts, are generally brighter and sharper, produce more detailed images, and offer faster response time. However, DLP display technology is expensive compared to LCD. 


LCDs are common in televisions; hence, LCD projectors use the same technology. Since these displays don’t have moving parts to produce an image, their cost of production is lower. Therefore, LCD projectors are cheaper; other advantages include better color saturation and accuracy, a better lifespan, and more energy efficiency. 

So you have the answer; you can choose according to your needs.


Projector brightness is measured in lumens, or the amount of light projected from the projector. If you plan to use your projector in a brightly lit room (like a classroom), you’ll need one with a higher lumen count for better visibility.

Related: All About Projector Resolution


The resolution, or picture quality, will impact your viewing experience. Look for projectors with 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD) and 4K resolutions for best results.

Throw Distance

The throw distance is between the projector and the screen. Projectors usually come with a range of throw distances, so select one that fits your needs.


Another factor to consider is the lamp’s lifespan. Most projectors come with lamps that have a lifespan of 10,000-15,000 hours before needing replacement. Longer-lasting lamps can help save money in the long run.


Make sure your chosen projector has all the connectivity options you require, such as HDMI ports, USB ports, and wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can easily connect to various devices.


Last but not least, make sure the projector you choose comes with a good warranty so you can be covered if it malfunctions.

Basics You Need to Know Before Investing in a 1000 Projector

1. Purpose

What do you plan to use your projector for? Is it for presentations or entertainment purposes? Knowing how your projector will be used will help narrow down the features you should look for when shopping.

2. Depth and Weight

If you plan to transport your projector, pay attention to its size and weight, so it’s easy for you to carry.

3. Price

How much do you want to spend on a projector? Some are more expensive than others, but budget-friendly models are also available that still offer great-quality images and features.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Projectors Under $1000

Difference between High-End Expensive Projectors and Budget Projectors

Expensive projectors have better image quality, higher resolutions, more lumens, and longer lamp life than budget models. They also often include features like lens shift, which can adjust the projection angle to fit the size of your screen; 3D compatibility; and networking capabilities that allow you to stream content directly from the projector. Additionally, they are usually lighter and quieter than their less expensive counterparts.

Can I use a $1000 projector for gaming?

Projectors are great for gaming as they can provide a large, immersive gaming experience. However, it is important to ensure that the projector you are using has a fast enough refresh rate and low enough latency to handle the demands of gaming graphics. Additionally, many projectors come with special gaming modes that optimize their performance specifically for gaming applications.

Is it necessary to use a special screen with a $1000 projectors?

Special screens are designed to evenly distribute the light from the projector, resulting in an image that is brighter and more vibrant than if you were projecting onto a wall or other flat surface. Additionally, some types of screens can help reduce glare and reflections, further enhancing your viewing experience.

Are external speakers necessary even if you have a $1000 projector?

External speakers are not necessary with most projectors, as they usually have built-in speakers that provide ample sound quality for basic applications. However, if you plan on watching movies or playing games on your projector, external speakers can be a great way to get the best audio experience possible.

Conclusion: Best Projector Under 1000 Dollars

A projector is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy large-screen images without spending too much money.

The ten projectors that we listed in this blog post are all great options that will provide you with quality projection at an affordable price.

If you have any questions about which projector is right for you, please comment below, and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect model for your needs.

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