Best Projectors For Nintendo Switch 2023: Top 3 Portable Picks & Buying Guide

best projectors for Nintendo Switch
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One compact gadget warrants another. The Nintendo switch’s well-deserved partner is a high-quality portable projector. Here are the three best projectors for the Nintendo switch.

You have taken the first step with buying your Nintendo switch, but it’s time to take that gaming experience to the next level. It is only possible if you own the best projector for the Nintendo switch

Since your Nintendo Switch is portable, your projector must be portable too. Most people use their Nintendo switch with a TV. They don’t know the fact that they can use it with a projector as well. 

I am glad that you know and looking for the best projector for your Nintendo switch. However, the process is a bit complicated because many projector options are available on the market these days. It starts with the design and ends with the technicality of it. 

Don’t worry! I won’t let you buy any bad stuff. Yes, I’ve reviewed the three best portable projectors for the Nintendo switch of 2023. Furthermore, a quick buying guide and, more importantly, some of the most crucial questions people commonly ask about Nintendo Switch. 

Before that, I want you to go through some of the benefits of buying a projector for your Nintendo switch. 

1. Big-screen experience

When people talk about projectors, the first thing that pops into their minds is a big screen. And for gamers, large, high-quality display screens are essential. Compared to TVs or PCs, projectors offer wider screen sizes at economical price tags.

2. They save space

After setting up my projector, I noticed how it takes up a small amount of space. You can even place the projector on your side table, and it won’t occupy a lot of space.

3. Reduced input lag

Input lag has become an issue for gamers since recent technologies tend to increase it in TVs, thus the need for specific “game modes” that reduce this extra processing to decrease input lag to a practical level. On the other hand, projectors have reduced input lag, which makes playing your Switch more fun.

4. Utilizing a projector feels `cool.

There’s something gaming using a projector that makes the experience cool. Regardless of having huge TVs or PCs, a projector adds a “cool factor” to the gaming experience.

Now, take a look at the top three projectors for Nintendo Switch in 2023

  1. VANKYO Leisure 3 – best overall Nintendo Switch Projector
  2. Dr. J HI-04 – best for Outdoor Gaming 
  3. Artlii Stone 7200L – best Full HD projector for Nintendo Switch

1.   VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector 

best portable projector for Nintendo Switch

VANKYO manufacturers are infamous for producing highly functional projectors, and the VANKYO Leisure 3 is no exception. It is powered using an M-star Color engine. This technology is paired with a resolution of 800 by 480p, which supports 1080p resolution and generates vivid images.

Besides, it offers up to 60 % additional brightness compared to most products in the market. This impressive brightness produces fantastic pictures that make my gaming experience more fun. What’s more, it is compatible with my laptop, smartphone, and gaming console. Also, connecting these gadgets to this projector is relatively straightforward. Projectors have become more popular among gamers like me since they can provide a big-screen experience minus the bulkiness of PCs and huge TVs.


  • Versatile projector with splendid compatibility
  • Silent gaming experience due to the noise-suppression mechanism
  • 60% more brightness
  • The fantastic battery life of 40,000hours
  • Easy to install


  •  It at times produces blurry pictures

2.   DR. J Professional HI-04 Portable Movie Projector

best projector for Nintendo Switch

This professional mini projector weighs 3 lbs, and it is compact, thus making it highly portable. I like that it is lightweight too, which adds to its portability. However, size is not everything. The basic controls are user-friendly, and they are also easily accessible.

It has a resolution of 1080 by 1920 and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, which guarantees you clear images while gaming. I love that this mini projector comes with a 100-inch free screen, amazing, right? What’s more, it is compatible with numerous media options such as PCs, Chromecast, USB Flash drives, among others. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Produces crisp images
  • It comes with a 100-inch free screen
  • Easy to use and setup
  • 40,000 hours lamp lifetime
  • Compatible with multiple media options


  • Sound options could be better

3. Artlii Full HD 7200L 

best Full HD portable projector for Nintendo Switch

This amazing projector offers the average Nintendo switch 4000 lumens to combat the disadvantages of ambient light and daylight. The aspect ratio is 16:9, and it can display to screen sizes from 44 to 200 inches. It as well supports 1080P resolution and in-built speakers, which produce decent sound while gaming. 

It has several ports like the HDMI, USB, micro SD, VGA, and AV ports. This makes it easier for me to connect to various devices if needed. At 5.5 lbs, this projector is highly portable, and it typically fits in my backpack together with my Switch.


  • High-resolution for the perfect gaming experience
  • It is compatible with multiple devices.
  • Compact and portable
  • Durable
  • Projects to screens of up to 200 inches
  • Impressive design


  • The bulb is susceptible to overheating.

Buying Guide: How to choose the perfect projector for your Nintendo Switch as per your needs?

Purchasing the projector that meets your gaming needs might be a little tricky considering the manifold of products in the market. Here’s what you need to know before buying a projector for your Nintendo switch.

Now Take a look at some of the buying factors,


The picture quality is usually better with a high-resolution projector. Resolution shows you how many pixels a projector can display. For your Nintendo Switch, you need a minimum of 1920 by 1080, referred to as HD resolution.

Screen size 

This is vital for gamers, and the bigger the screen, the better the gaming experience. The display size will vary depending on your room’s size and how far from the screen you want to sit. With HD resolution projectors, you shouldn’t worry about sacrificing picture quality.


Since this is a projector for gaming, you will want it to be portable because you might need to carry it to a friend’s home for a night of playing Nintendo Switch. It’s better if it is compact and portable so that you can easily fit it in your backpack together with the Nintendo Switch.

HDMI connection

Some projectors only feature VGA connections, though this connection is being replaced with HDMI in PCs and laptops, and therefore you need to be sure that you can connect to these devices when you buy your projector. While the Nintendo Switch can be connected to your projector using the VGA port, it is better to utilize the HDMI port to avoid sacrificing sound and image quality.

After reading this guide, you needn’t worry anymore. Now you can confidently walk into the electronics shop or access an online store and buy the best projector for your Nintendo switch without any issues.

FAQs: Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Nintendo Switch and its compatible projectors

What is Nintendo switch?

This is Nintendo’s latest game console. It is an 8th generation video gaming console competing with Xbox one and PlayStation 4. It is not only a home console, but it’s also portable. Moreover, It utilizes wireless Joy-Con controllers similar to the Wii remote.

How to hook up Nintendo switch to the projector?

The docking station lets you connect the Nintendo Switch to your projector, console, or TV. This short multistep guide will show you how to hook up your Nintendo Switch to your projector;

  • Open the dock’s side panel.
  • Plugin the HDMI to the dock and then to your projector
  • Connect the power cable’s USB-C end to the dock and plug in the other end to the power socket

And you’re done!


There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is an excellent gaming console option these days. I like the concept of this new-gen console as it combines home console and portable console together than its competitors Playstation 5 and Xbox One. 

Buying a projector for your Nintendo can be a great idea if you’re a serious gamer. Therefore, In this article, I’ve shared with you three top portable projectors compatible with your Nintendo Switch. 

Which is best for you?

If you don’t want to spend much money on a projector, then the first projector on my list will be best for you. Yes, The VANKYO Leisure 3 is a mini portable projector offering impressive features and a wide range of compatibility options. 

That’s why this projector is in the first position on my list of best projectors under $100. It will not only connect to your Nintendo Switch but also other gaming consoles, including PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. 

The second projector on the list is Dr. J Professinal HI-04 Mini. It offers all the quality of the VANKYO Leisure 3 projector. Comparatively, its brightness and contrast is better, making it an ideal option for outdoor movies and gaming purposes. However, it is a bit expensive projector and comes under $150.

The third projector for your Nintendo Switch is Artlii 7200L. If you want a true home-theater like experience, this will be best for you. It is a native FullHD projector and supports 4K media content via USB or smartphone. You can enjoy up to 300 inches of giant projection with the projector. However, it is more expensive than the two other and costs under $200 projector

So I advise you buy the one that fits your needs. Still, there is any doubt, let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to answer your query. 

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