Best Projectors For Business Presentations In 2023

best projectors for business presentations
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I’ve tested three top projectors for business presentations, classrooms, and other environments. Let me walk you through in my three deep-dive reviews

If you want to grow your business, there is no other way than getting the projector for your business. I am not talking about a typical business projector. We’re discussing one of the best projectors for business presentations.

It will help you in hosting events and building good relationships with your customers. It seems a bit weird, but high-quality and smooth presentations can make your business meetings much more immersive.

However, you can’t find the perfect one without my help. It is because it requires a lot of research and time. Also, it requires technical knowledge. Therefore, I’ve prepared a list of top-rated business projectors—primarily designed to give you next-level presentation experience— in 2023.

For those who love everything in-depth, check the FAQ section below.

The best three projectors for business presentations in 2023

Business ProjectorsBest ForRating
ViewSonic PA503S SVGA Small Business Presentations4.9
Epson EX3260 SVGA projectorData Presentations & Graphics4.9
Optoma EH412 1080p HD DLPBusiness & Education environments4.9

1. ViewSonic PA503 SVGA – Best for small businesses & classrooms

Best ViewSonic Business Presentation

Key Highlights: 

  1. 3,600 Lumens SVGA
  2. Up to 120″ screen projection
  3. 22,000:1 Contrast ratio
  4. SuperColor technology
  5. Vertical Keystone


The ViewSonic PA503S SVGA is one of the best business projectors that offers excellent visual performance. Especially presentations. It is loaded with 3600 ANSI Lumens for brightness and packed a 22,000:1 contrast ratio for the proper details. 

One of the top features is SuperColor technology that comes with a broader range of accurate displayable colors. It includes five color modes, such as standard, presentation, photo, movie, and brightest. So you’re free to use as per your needs. 

The ViewSonic PA503S SVGA also features the SuperEco (energy saver) technology in order to reduce power consumption and extend the lamp’s life. Therefore, ViewSonic claims its lamp life to be up to 15,000 hours. 

Pros & Cons:

What I like: 

  1. Excellent energy efficiency with the lamp’s lifespan of up to 15,000.
  2. Automatic Sleep Timer and Auto Power Off.
  3. Five viewing modes; brightness, presentation, photo, movie, and standard mode. 
  4. The Presentation Timer feature for time management. 
  5. A 3-year warranty on parts and labor coverage. 

I don’t like:

  1. Its internet speakers are not that good. 


A good presentation requires high-quality visual performance. Therefore, Viewsonic PA503S is in the first position of my list. It is bright and offers an impressive visual performance in order to improve presentations. I recommend this projector to small businesses and classrooms. 

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2. Epson EX3260 SVGA – Best for presentation and graphics

Best Epson Business Presentation

Key Highlights:

  1. 800×600 resolution
  2. 3,000 lumens 
  3. 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  4. 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  5. up to 120″ screen size


The Epson EX3260 SVGA is a portable, lightweight, and well-designed projector for your office or business. The projector comes with a wide range of features and technologies. It offers SVGA (800×600) resolution and easy image adjustments feature. It packed 3,300 lumens of brightness and ensures up to 15,000:1 contrast ratio for better data projection. 

The projector uses 3LCD, or 3-chip technology in order to provide excellent visual performance. This display technology is considered better for presentations and other data type projections. Besides, it can easily project a large screen size up to 120 inches. 

When it comes to compatibility and connectivity, it supports HDMI —a standard connectivity option, and compatible with other media devices, such as laptops, media players, etc. 

Pros & Cons:

What I like:

  1. Colors are accurate and vivid. 
  2. Excellent controls and image adjustments. 
  3. It is very easy to set up. 
  4. Auto vertical keystone and manual easy slide correction. 
  5. Lamp’s lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. 

I don’t like:

  1. The on-board speakers could have been improved. 


It’s an excellent projector for everyday needs. Its color accuracy is remarkable. Unlike ViewSonic P503S, it is portable and lightweight; thus, it can be carried everywhere. It also allows projection via a USB cable that you can connect to your PC or Mac. So I recommend this Epson EX3260 SVGA to office presentations and graphics. 

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3. Optoma EH412 1080p HD DLP – Best For Business & Edcuation environments

Best optoma Business Presentation

Key highlights: 

  1. 4,500 Lumens
  2. 50,000:1 contrast ratio
  3. Internal 10-Watt speaker
  4. 4K UHD & 1080p compatible
  5. 15,000 hours lamp life


The Optoma EH412 offers an exceptional brightness with excellent color accuracy. With the support of UltraHD HDR input and 1080p images, it can project 4,500 lumens of brightness. It comes from sRGB & REC.709 color profile.  

The Optoma EH412 is equipped with a DLP type display. Therefore, it can project a high-bright professional sharp image in order to give you an experience of highly detailed visuals. 

Setting the projector is super easy and flexible. It can be set up in no time. Moreover, it features a +/-40 degree Vertical Keystone Correction for easier image set up. Its design is impressive, and its weight is less than 8 pounds—making it portable and more comfortable to transport from your home to business meetings. 

Pros & Cons:

What I like:

  1. Its FullHD resolution with 4K HDR support. 
  2. It offers 1.3x zoom and Vertical Keystone Correction for flexible image set up. 
  3.  It produces highly detailed visuals and excellent picture quality using projectors’ advanced DLP display technology. 
  4. A 10-watt speaker. 
  5. Amazing lamp life of up to 15,000 hours. 

What I don’t:

  1. It is expensive. 


The Optoma EH412 is a powerful projector for businesses. Its sharp image, clear text, and color accuracy make this projector more vibrant for business presentations. It supports 1080p High-definition resolution with 4K HDR. So without any second thoughts, it is your future-proof, portable, lightweight, yet powerful business projector. 

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FAQ: Most Common Questions 

1. What kind of projector do I need for the best presentation? 

Ans. An image can be shown in four forms: data, games, photos, and videos. It is a simple task for even a normal projector. However, all modern projectors can show any kind of image. 

However, things become a bit complicated when it comes to presentations, as most projectors can’t produce data images that good. Therefore, it requires a data projector or business projector in order to produce better data images for your PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

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2. Does the portability of a projector matter when business is concerned? 

Ans. Of course, it does! It always better to have a portable projector. There are so many benefits if you buy a portable business projector. For example, 

  1. You can carry it to your business meetings for presentations. 
  2. The same thing can be taken to your friend’s party. 
  3. It can be used as a home-theater to enjoy movies or your favorite web series at your home. 

3. A projector with the resolution of 800×600 pixels is okay for PowerPoint presentations?

Ans. As you said, you want a data projector that can show data images for you. You’re okay with SVGA 800×600 pixels. It is pretty much enough for your presentations. 

4. How many Lumens will be enough for my presentation projector? 

Ans. As you already know that higher Lumens mean a better image without compromising the quality of the picture. So if business projectors are concerned, you have to go for at least 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness in order to experience more lucid and vivid text. 

However, you can go up to 4,500 lumens of brightness (the third projector on my list). The lumens rating above 4,000 is recommended when it comes to enjoying a bright data image. So it depends on you and your needs. 


That’s all I have for you when the best business presentation projector are concerned. I’ve tried to wrap everything up in this article so that you can buy the perfect projector for your needs.  

However, the mentioned presentations projectors list is a result of my testing, hard work, and a lot of money while testing many different projectors. 

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