5 Best Portable DVD Players That Takes Your Movie Experience To The Next Level

Best Portable DVD Player
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Best Portable DVD PlayersMost movie lovers can attest to the fact that portable DVDs are just the best. Many people argue that the DVD functions the same as their IPads or Android gadgets. But this is not the case! They are way much advantageous than this gadgets. Their versatility is not a thing to ignore.

One can watch a movie anywhere at any time be it the beach, road trip or even in bed as you rest with portable DVDs movies are at your disposal. Which is the best DVD portable player to purchase? Of course, this is the bone of contention for most willing buyers.

In this piece we try and crack down the benefits of these DVDs, factors to consider as you purchase these DVD’s and at the same time highlight five top of the range DVDs to help you in your shopping endeavors.


Top Recommended Portable DVD Players: Comparison Table

Mouse NameScreen SizeSwivelPriceCheck Price !
NAVISKAUTO 9 Inch Portable DVD

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Sylvania Portable DVD Player
Sylvania Portable DVD Player

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Swivel Teal Portable DVD Player
Swivel Teal Portable DVD Player

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Sony Portable Blu-ray Player
Sony Portable Blu-ray Player

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DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player
DBPOWER Portable DVD Player

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Benefits of Buying Portable DVD Player?

Many of us might still be skeptical when it comes to purchasing these portable DVDs with the same question in mind. Why purchase one, and it serves same purposes as my phone? But this should not be the case. Below are benefits of using the DVD over your notebook or tablet.

  • Many of us might still be skeptical when it comes to purchasing these portable DVDs with the same question in mind. Why purchase one, and it serves same purposes as my phone? But this should not be the case. Below are benefits of using the DVD over your notebook or tablet.
  • It is compact in design. Unlike the laptop and the notebooks, the DVD is small in size and occupies some minor space which eases its carriage around.
  • Offers convenience- For people who embark on long road trips, portable DVDs are convenient to carry along to remain entertained through your journey. For the parents as well one doesn’t need to worry about what your kids are doing as they are not internet connected to watch old content on the portable DVD.
  • It is cheaper both in maintenance and purchase. You don’t need WIFI network to access media while using portable DVDs unlike when you use notebooks. You simply are necessary to load it and have the media at your disposal. These DVDs also use up a little power and have a lasting battery life.


Facts Before considering

It is important to put some factors into consideration before you purchase these portable DVDs to ensure excellent delivery. Below is a crackdown of these considerations.

  • Screen size and resolution: The size of many portable DVDs screens is a figure between 7 inches and 13 inches. The screen size is a major contributor as far as the display, resolution, the battery life and the portability of the screen are concerned. Before you make any purchase then, you must ask yourself what you prefer best to influence your choice.
  • Battery backup: The DVDs have their inbuilt batteries. But developers have advanced to produce a backup plan in case you get a power outage. Before you purchase the backup consider its size, weight, and portability.
  • Picture Quality: The determinant of quality images is your screen resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the picture quality. You should hence, ensure your choice has quality pictures to ensure high-end delivery.
  • Quality LCD: A widescreen is also necessary to provide a clear view of the movies. Before you make any decision on purchasing ensure your option has a widescreen display to provide enjoyment during movie times.
  • Built-in speakers: Obviously, this is the least feature you could expect to ignore. Some device is endowed with the best features but lacks quality speakers. Some with little volume that makes you media viewing boring.
  • Functionality: How the DVD functions are essential especially for a person making the order for small kids. A complicated device, of course, will pose a challenge to be operated by small children. It is hence important that you purchase one that suits your function. If it’s play, pause, and stops, then go for it.
  • Durability: Some of the DVDs in the market have been developed from fragile materials. A light impact on the results in breaking. Do you want to keep visiting the shop to get a new one? Of course not. You, therefore, need to choose a DVD that is made from the top at the tier material that isn’t breakable.
  • Battery life: As the name speculates, this is portable gadgets, and as expectations have it not every place you will be using it have a power source. Ensure the device you purchase has a long battery life that will make your watching experience uninterrupted.
  • Price: With all this said and done we have to consider how much the DVD costs. Go for the DVD with suitable features and one that matches your wallet. Don’t kill yourself in the name of buying a portable DVD!.


After the brief overview of the benefits and factors to consider before you purchase a portable DVD, below is a list of five top at the notch portable DVD and come in handy to influence your purchase


5 Best Portable DVD Players Fully Compared & Reviewed

NAVISKAUTO 9 Inch Portable DVDAs far as your investment is concerned, I bet this is the best place to generate the money. The DVD features a 9“ TFT screen whose resolution is just incredible. The screen can tilt up to 270 degrees a suitable feature to offer comfort and versatility during screen time.

It includes an inbuilt USB port with a dual speaker to ensure maximum voice transmission. Unique to note is its last memory feature. It has the potential to pick up from where you left with a movie or media. Isn’t this smart?



  • Has a great charger to suit your convenience.
  • The screen has the potential to tilt to your suit.
  • An excellent voice is generated by the dual speaker.


  • The DVD has a lower battery life.

Sylvania Portable DVD PlayerFor someone seeking convenience and easy portability, this is the best choice to go by, It is small in size and features a color 7“ screen that has the swiveling potential up to 180 degrees. It is versatile and is said to play any format of music or movies from DVD to CD to Mp3.

It includes a micro SD port to help play music and view jpeg photos from the SD with ease. With the battery, it is just the best! It features a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.



  • It is versatile and plays all formats of media.
  • It is convenient and easy to carry around.
  • The DVD has a long-lasting battery.


  • Has a small screen.
  • Has reduced resolution hence poor image quality.

Swivel Teal Portable DVD Player If you are seeking to match your style and cost, this is just one of the best option. It incorporates a 9“ screen that is wide enough with a swivel potential of 180 degrees to ensure comfort as you watch your movies and music.

To enhance voice productivity, it comes with plush headphones. Portability is not taken by chance it comes with a deluxe model carrying bag that not only eases transport but also keeps the DVD safe. Battery stress is relieved. It incorporates an inbuilt lithium battery that is easily rechargeable.



  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • Has a widescreen to ensure easy view.
  • The resolution is high with assured high-quality images.


  • It rotates for some small degrees compared to other DVDs.
  • Doesn’t play all music and movie formats.

Sony BDPSX910 Sony Portable Blu-ray PlayeWith keen considerations of style and class, this is just the best DVD. It had a 9“ widescreen with a high resolution and proven high-quality images. The screen can swivel 180 degrees to offer comfort as you watch your music or movies.

It incorporates a 4-5 hrs rechargeable battery to ensure uninterrupted view time. It has a USB port to ensure you enjoy movies from your external drives. It has a remote control that is blended with a remote to enhance eased controlling of the DVD.



  • Has a long lasting battery life.
  • Easy to control hence convenient for all ages.
  • It relays high-quality images due to its high resolution.


  • It is not versatile as it doesn’t view all formats of movies and music.

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD PlayerThe DVD is just what you need for your long journey. It incorporates a long-lasting battery ready to endure 5 hrs. of nonstop movie viewing. It has USB and SD card ports that make it easy to watch just any media anytime you want.

Versatility is key as one can view just any type format of media using the DVD. For eased visibility, the screen rotates 360 degrees all around to ensure you can access view regardless of your location.



  • Durable as it is made from the top level material.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Versatile as one can watch all types of media.


  • It is complicated hence difficult to use.

Final Verdict

  • For those of you that want to revolutionize their movie watching experience, it is evident that a portable DVD is the best option. With extended battery life and versatility assured it is just the best. The ball is now on your side to decide which DVD suits you to refresh your entertainment.

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