February 4th, 2019 at 10:51 am

Best Motorcycle SpeakerFor music lovers and at the same time riders, it is clear that a motorcycle without some music source could be the most boring machine ever! The questions however, that comes in mind when you think of these music are. Where am I going to put the speakers on my small machine? When put, will they endure harsh climatic conditions that the bike are exposed to?

But you should not worry much folks, developers of these speakers have this in mind. Below are the benefits purchasing motorcycle speakers come with, the factors you should put into consideration before purchase and samples of best speakers in the market today. Hope you benefit from the piece.


Best Motorcycle Speaker Comparison Guide

Projector's NameSpeakersMax PowerPriceCheck Price !

[usr 4.0 size=17]
600 Watts
Noam N4 - Pair of 4
Noam N4 - Pair of 4"

[usr 4.5 size=17]
100 Watts RMS / 200 Watts Peak 

[usr 3.9 size=17]
1000 Watt
Shark Spk6800-spks
Shark Spk6800-spks

[usr 4.0 size=17]
300 Watts
PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts
PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts

[usr 4.0 size=17]
100 Watts

Advantage of buying a Motorcycle Speaker ?

Motorcycle speakers carry along a lot of benefits with them. For the doubters of how much they can do below is an analysis of some of these benefits.

  • No hearing damage: Most of the young people enjoy listening to music using ear buds. This habit is dangerous and results in ear damage. With the motorcycle speakers, this is problem curtailed. The music comes from the speaker that is some distance away helping reduce ear damage instances.
  • Reduced accidents: It is against most states traffic regulations to use the roads with ear buds on. This happens to be a culprit behind most accidents we encounter. With motorcycle speakers, you can hold your breathes as the music doesn’t come from deafening ear buds but distant music source.


Things to know Before buying Best Motorcycle Speaker ?

If you have a mind of purchasing a motorcycle speaker for your bike, there are some critical factors you should consider to make sure you get excellent services. We have tried to list some for you in the piece below.

  • The type of speaker: From Bluetooth speakers to handlebar speakers all through to helmet speakers, there is a wide array of options to make if you by chance want to purchase an item for your bike. What best suits your preference will be the determinant factor of what speaker to buy.
  • Wattage: These are the values to measure the speaker volume. It is a vital factor to consider most times. It is all determined by the area you most frequent. If you are used to some cool environment, a low wattage one could suit you. If you mostly visit noisy areas, one with high watts is the best choice.
  • The size of your speaker: This is a key consideration one should make before embarking on speaker purchase. You should make sure your speaker’s size is of matching size and thickness to smoothly fit your suitability. Did you know that the diameter of your speaker has a directly proportional effect on the music’s sound frequency and quality? This condition well should top your list of preference.
  • Additional features: A thumb control, for example, helps reduce abstraction as you drive. A situation that results in a tragic accident if taken lightly. Bluetooth option as well is a better option. It plays a big fortune to reduce wiring on your motorcycle as the music is relayed through a wireless basis. Some more considerations should include a docking station that helps hold your music source like the phone when they are charging. Consider these amazing features to transform your ride!
  • The input source: This is the through pass off your music source and your speaker. You can either choose to listen to music through an SD card, a speaker preinstalled with an SD card port could suit you best. If your choice is an iPod or mobile phone invest in some that allow for this options.
  • water proof: Is the speaker water proof or resistant? Bikes are set for use in an outside environment. It is next to an impossibility to imagine that you can go throughout your journey and fail to come across water. It hence important that before you embark on purchasing this bikes make sure you put this factor into keen consideration to assure long lasting service.
  • The sound quality: With a boom on the internet, a lot of reviews and guides on which speaker relays the best sound quality are at your disposal. It is hence important that before you purchase a speaker you put this into consideration to ensure proper service. Choose what you hear not see!.
  • The price: Would you want to purchase a speaker at the expense of your basic needs? Of course, this is not logical. You are required hence to make a choice that matches your pocket, not one that strains your wallet.


With this in mind, we have tried to crack down some available best motorcycle speakers in the market today.

5 Best Motorcycle Speaker Review

BOSS AUDIO MC400 ChromeIt is time you max out playlist with the top of the tier speaker the Boss MC400 Audio Chrome Weatherproof. As the name suggests, it is weather proof and has the capability to endure just any weather conditions that may come its way. It incorporates a 600 watts amplifier, quite a big deal to boost sound with a remote volume that is wired.

Its input is one to reckon with. It is of 3.5 mm Aux that matches the smartphones output with some mp3 players in the market today. It is versatile and matches most motorcycle models like the scooter, 12 v motorcycle, and ATVs.



  • It is designed to weather proof.
  • It is versatile and fits in most bike models.
  • The speaker has some good wattage.
  • It is compact and matches many positions.


  • The speakers has a small wiring system.
  • Complicated to install.

Noam N4 Wakeboard Mountable SpeakersIf you wish to invest your bucks in some incredible speaker, then Naom N4 is the best choice. Its size is crucial to note on the purchase. It is a 4“ sized speaker with a weatherproof potential to endure averagely any environmental conditions.

It incorporates 2.5 meters long wire to ease connection to the sources. Its wattage is averagely good for some of us that don’t need high volumes of music. It is of 100 watts and 200 watts to the maximum.



  • Compatible with most motorbikes.
  • Have good speaker sizes.
  • Lengthy wires for secure connection.
  • It is designed to weather proof.


  • Little wattage compared to other speakers.
  • Weak speaker plugs.

BOSS AUDIO MC470B ChromeFor those of you that are in need to enjoy some fresh music while on an adventure, Boss Audio MC470B got you covered. It blends of two good looking speakers each of incredible 3“ sizes to suit your positioning. It features a 1000 watts max power amplifier to perfectly match rides even on powerful driveways.

You can quickly hook you mp3 source or smartphone through its perfect input jack size. It has a Bluetooth modification that allows you to play music from your music’s apps like Pandora and Spotify. Isn’t this interesting? To protect the speaker from all harsh climatic conditions or quality threats it is designed to weather proof.



  • Has a Bluetooth modification to enhance the music.
  • Its sizes are easy to fit on your bikes.
  • Versatile and can be used on most bike models.
  • Includes a high wattage speaker to enhance the music.


  • It is complicated to install.
  • Delicate in the model and can break quickly.

Shark Spk6800-spks MotorcycleFor those of you that are seeking to match style and quality. Shark Spk 6800 got you covered. Its design is candy to the eye! It is designed with chrome coating a feature that makes it look beautiful! The speakers are designed to water proof and can easily be used under harsh water conditions, without compromise on its quality.

It is compact in design with a manageable weight of 1 pound and average wattage of 300 for each speaker. Provided your music source has RCA connection it work together with ease. It has additional features like Bluetooth, USB port and mute options among others to help transform your music experience.



  • It is compact in design and easily fits in any setting.
  • It is good looking with chrome extensions.
  • Enduring water drops is waterproof.
  • The speaker has Bluetooth connections for easy music.


  • Has small watts hence not suitable in loud environments.
  • Includes short connection wires making it hard to connect.

PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts MotorcycleFor those seeking versatility, these speakers tend to be the best choice. From scooters to 12V motorcycles just to mention a few, they are the best option for you. The speakers incorporate dual 3“ speaker that are weather proof hence an assured long lasting life.

Has an input 3.5 mm that comfortably fits all inputs from the smartphones of mp3 players. It as well includes FM radio and a remote control system to allow for easy controlling.



  • Versatile and can be used in many bike models.
  • It is compact in design.
  • The speakers have additional features like FM radio.


  • Complicated installation.
  • Made from delicate materials prone to damage.

Final Verdict

  • From the above break down it is evident that the availability of the speakers in the market is at your disposal. They come in different features and styles to match your suitability as well as your pocket. The decision now depends on you. Make a choice of one that best matches your need, and make your riding experience amazing!