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5 Best Gaming TV Available In the Market Today

best tv for gaming
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If you love playing games on television, then you should be very keen when buying a TV for the purpose. It is worth appreciating that not all televisions will give you the best experience while playing Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One. It is neither requires magic nor expertise to buy the best set.

There are some essential features that you should put into consideration before you make the purchase. Here, you’re going to find out about those qualities as well as the prominent brands that you can always rely on for incredible gaming experience.


5 Best Gaming TVs Comparison Guide

Mouse NameSIZEDisplayPriceCheck Price !
Sony KDL48W650D
Sony KDL48W650D Smart Tv

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Samsung UN40J5500
Samsung UN40J5500

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LG Electronics 43UH6100 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
LG Electronics 43UH6100 Smart TV

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TCL 50FS3800 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model)
TCL 50FS3800 Smart LED TV

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What to know before Buying?

Here are some important things you should be aware of a TV before buying one for gaming purposes:

  • Screen Size: TVs with small screens are more ideal for competitive games since the players can react quickly because the area won’t be large. Besides, small screens experience little input delay. On the other hand, a big screen, more than 50-inch, maybe your real deal if you are an irregular player or if you want a multipurpose TV; that is, for watching movies and playing games.
  • Resolution: 4k or HD: The mouse sensor is amazingly vital for everyone who wants maximum efficiency from an ergonomic mouse. With a mouse having a sensitive sensor, you will need minimal movements of your wrists to complete your task or whatever you do on your computer.
  • Curved or Non-curved: A TV has either a flat or curved screen and the choice depends on your preference. Nevertheless, the majority of gamers prefer a curved screen to a non-curved one since it looks beautiful and seemingly offers a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Should you buy a smart TV?: A smart TV will be a good choice if you are a game console owner who wants a television set with games in its app store. Moreover, you can opt to buy a smart TV if you want to access extra content other than the one provided by your console.
  • Refresh rate: A TV with a refresh rate of more than 120 Hz is a good buy. The television will display solid pictures in contrast with the blurred ones shown by TVs with a refresh rate of lower than 120 Hz, especially when showing scenes with fast moving objects.
  • Game mode: A game mode is a feature in a TV that reduces the lag time between pressing the game button and appearance of the action on the screen. Game mode usually leads to low-quality pictures. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a TV without the mode and simply minimize its lag time by deactivating the features that reduce the quality of the pictures.
  • Local dimming: Local dimming reduces the brightness of the backlight of LED on the screen’s dark regions. The feature makes images to have deeper dark levels and bright areas. A TV with this feature is great.
  • HDR: HDR the latest 4K Ultra HD set feature which was developed to offer extra colors, contrast levels, and more brightness. Nevertheless, the results of the feature in enhancing visible performance are yet to be seen. Therefore, at the moment, it is advisable not to buy a TV set just because it supports HDR.
  • HDMI: It is vital to find out how many HDMI inputs are present in a set. Look for a TV with 4 HDMI ports or more for future compatibility with sources of ultra HD. Check whether the ports are compliant with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection if you’re a 4K shopper.
  • Audio: The majority of the latest TV models are too thin to accommodate big speakers. Therefore, you may need a sound bar if you need high-quality sound.
  • What about Price: Depending on quality, various TV sets have different prices. Other than the desirable features, go for the set that fits your budget.


5 Best TV for Gaming

Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2016 Model)Without a stand, Sony KDL48W650D measures 43 inches by 25.4 inches by 2.6 inches and 43 inches by 27 inches by 9.4inches in the absence of a stand. With a refresh rate of 60Hz and Motionflow XR 240, you can be assured of clear, sharp and high-quality pictures.

The smart TV support noise reduction technologies for sharpening scenes, displaying clearly detailed images. It has two HDMI ports and two USB ports for compatibility with 4K and Ultra HD sources. The Sony TV has an inbuilt Wi-Fi which allows you to link the set to your local network and stream movies and watch videos from prominent channels.



  • The screen is enclosed in a narrow frame for maximum focus on your favorite game.
  • The TV displays clear, sharp and high-quality images, thanks to 60Hz refresh rate and Motionflow XR 240.
  • The presence of noise reduction technologies helps the set to produce detailed pictures.


  • It is compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi; not 5G.

Samsung UN40J5500 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)Samsung UN40J5500 has inbuilt Wi-Fi which enables you to access both 4k and Ultra HD contents online. The LED backlight illuminates the screen for perfect display of images. The size of this set with a stand is 35.7 inches by 23.1 inches by 11.3 inches and 35.7 inches by 20.9 inches by 2.6 inches without a stand.

The three HDMI ports enable you to connect external devices with HDMI content to the TV and two USB ports for connecting those with 4K content. The set displays intensively detailed images, courtesy of full HD 1080p resolution. The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to connect your TV to your home network and share contents with other connected mobile devices.



  • You can easily share content between Samsung UN40J5500 and your mobile devices due to the presence of inbuilt Wi-Fi in the set.
  • The set has a superb resolution for perfect image display.
  • The Wide Color Enhancer improves the quality of colors and brightness.
  • You can use the USB ports to play media from USB storage devices.


  • The set can’t do split screen.

LG Electronics 43UH6100 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVWith a refresh rate of 120Hz, LG Smart LED TV displays high-quality, sharp and detailed images. The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to connect the set to your home network and share media between it and other mobile devices connected to the network. Besides, to give you clearer, near-real images even when watching at close range, LG Smart TV has 8.3 million pixels.

The presence of IPS panel in the TV offers rich colors and robust contrast ratio which doesn’t change regardless of the viewing angle. The screen of the set has a coating that prevents glaring and reduces reflection for the achievement of fantastic black levels and increased contrast ratio for outstanding Ultra HD images.



  • LG Smart TV has inbuilt Wi-Fi feature for wireless connectivity with other mobile devices and sharing of media.
  • The set displays clear pictures due since it has a resolution of 8.3 million pixels.
  • The set displays clear, sharp and detailed pictures regardless of the viewing angle.


  • You have to change a few settings for you to see clear pictures while game mode is active.

VIZIO D50-D1 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2016 Model)VIZIO Smart LED TV has built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to connect to the internet hassle free and watch the latest trending movies, songs and any other video that you want right from your TV. The full array of LED backlight delivers high-quality images and light uniformity.

The 12 active LED zones create deeper, black levels with increased contrast. The 120 Hz refresh rate enables the TV to display extremely clear, detailed and sharp images for the ultimate entertainment experience, even when watching fast action scenes. With VIZIO Smart LED TV, you’ll get incredible value when it comes to ultra HD entertainment.



  • You can wirelessly watch online movies, songs and TV programs straight from your VIZIO TV since the set has an inbuilt WI-FI feature.
  • The set displays clear, sharp, detailed images even when watching a fast action scene.
  • The TV has deeper, black levels with increased contrast for excellent viewing.


  • The TV doesn’t have a headphone jack.

TCL 50FS3800 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TVRoku Smart LED TV measures 44.5 inches by 25.8 inches by 3.2 inches when it is without a stand and 44.5 inches by 27.8 inches by 8.7 inches when without a stand. With a refresh rate of 60Hz and a clear motion index of 120 Hz, the TV offers you a high-definition display for clear, sharp and almost-real viewing. The simplified smart TV allows you to enjoy unlimited entertainment instantly.

The set gives you the flexibility of choosing at least 2,000 streaming channels which show approximately 200,000 movies and television episodes as well as live sports, games, among other contents. The set can be wirelessly connected to the internet through a local Wi-Fi connection for easy sharing of media and access to online content.



  • The TV is Wi-Fi enabled thus you can share media with other connected mobile devices without requiring Internet cables.
  • The set has many TV streaming channels broadcasting thousands of movies.
  • The size of the screen of Roku Smart LED TV is suitable for watching and playing games.


  • This TV doesn’t support Ethernet connections.

Final Verdict

  • Hopefully, you’ve realized that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to buy a perfect TV for playing games. Once you apply these tips, you will definitely have a success story to tell. Depending on your needs, preference and your budget, the above-listed brands will give you amazing gaming experience.

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