Best Car Subwoofers 2023: 9 Powerful Subwoofers Worth The Hype

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Car Subwoofer: Which is The Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass

Best Car Subwoofer: A subwoofer is a perfect companion to audiophiles who prefer very low-pitched audio frequencies. You get to experience some live music with a bass found that would shake the car windows.

best car subwoofer

From this piece, you get to learn more about why you need to invest in a sub, how to test its efficiency, and the specifications to consider.

Once you get your device, you can find out how to install a subwoofer because a slight error will mess up the sound. As a buying guide, you should consider the frequency response, sensitivity, and the power efficiency. With the numerous brands in the market, settling for the best car subwoofer is a challenge. Unless you are a professional or have some knowledge of what features to consider, you might end up making a wrong decision.

However, here is some good news for you. We have made work more comfortable for you by taking up the initiative of sampling the best car speakers. We not only care about your listening experience but also the power handling capabilities that your car subwoofer would exhibit.

Among our top-most choices, Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 takes the lead. It presents an impeccable audio quality and snugly fits in most vehicles. Besides, this model has excellent power handling capabilities, since it is high-powered. Thanks to the marine certification it bears, you can use Rockford subwoofer in wet environments without risking damages.

Do you own a car stereo? Here’s why you should invest in a subwoofer

  • All car stereos will always come pre-installed with subwoofers. This will then drive you to ask, “What’s subwoofer and is it a necessity considering that my car already has a free one?”
  • Well, this audio system is a loudspeaker, meant to produce low audio frequencies or bass.
  • If you are looking for an unbeatable listening experience that would never allow you to leave the car, you have to invest in a subwoofer. In most cases, the inbuilt ones are less powerful.
  • They may not be in a capacity to produce the ideal bass that audiophiles expect.

Why you should count on us

  • I used to think that any car speaker is great since they are meant to do the same thing of producing sound.
  • I later got a negative experience that pumped some sense into my head, which gave me the determination to review the efficiency of subwoofers.
  • These numerous subwoofer brands flooding the market can be misleading, you know! I have therefore spent most of my time reviewing different audio speakers to determine their functionalities.
  • We do not just review these products. Our process involves checking out on what the consumers say, assessing the product, trying them out, and finally rating them.

Top 9 car subwoofers to shop for Extra Bass

After our analysis of what makes a sound system great, we came up with the best models you can purchase. We relied on the consumers’ ratings, reviews and all comments we received from the users. Afterward, we evaluated their specs and features that make them stand out, before finally testing their efficiency.

Best Overall

If you are looking for the best cheap subwoofer that still delivers this model by Rockford Fosgate is never a disappointment. It is a dual voice coil system, boasting 2-ohm impedance each.

The power handling rating of the P2 sub is enough proof that this system delivers very clean and aggressive bass. The maximum peak power is 800 watts while the RMS is 400 watts.

This feature abides by the CEA-2031 standards, meaning that it can withstand continuous power, which is less likely to damage the voice coils. Rockford Fosgate P2 is constructed with high-quality materials.

The cone is made of Kevlar fiber while the voice coils have been incorporated with anodized aluminum coils. Aluminum ensures efficient heat dissipation, leaving the subwoofer cool all along.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Very high power handling abilities
  • It is versatile and would fit in most vehicles
  • Delivers very loud and punchy bass when boxed in a sealed enclosure
  • The frequency range goes to as low as 27Hz
  • The sensitivity rating is slightly lower than most brands. It is just 86dB

Best Runner-up Overall

Pioneer’s TS-SW2502S4 is a 4-ohm single voice coil sub. It is among the best shallow mount subwoofers, highly portable, compact and would use up very minimal space.

For a price that is below the 100 dollar mark, a low pitch bass with frequency as low as 20Hz is a real deal. This model boasts a maximum power rating of 1200 watts peak power and RMS of up to 300 watts.

The frequency range is between 20Hz to 125 Hz, a value that guarantees very loud and powerful bass. However, you should note that the sound might not be too loud as to shake the car next to you.

About the materials, which make up TS-SW2502S4, the manufacturers did not compromise with quality. Its cone is made of mica-injected resin while the surrounding is rubber.

  • Its compact design makes it lighter and highly portable
  • Quite easy to install
  • Very affordable
  • It delivers very low frequencies of as low as 20Hz
  • Available in various sizes that would fit in most cars
  • High sensitivity rating of up to 93dB
  • Being a wonderfully low profile sub, TS-SW2502S4 can be installed as an under-seat subwoofer
  • You’ll need to purchase a separate amp to power the system
  • The sound may not be as big and loud as those produced by bigger models

High Powered Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate’s P300-12 model is a complete sound system that would elevate your listening experience a notch higher. You don’t have to purchase a separate amplifier or enclosure since the set comes fully equipped with all necessities.

The inbuilt 300 watts RMS amplifier powers this model. The frequency response range is 35-150Hz. This is not very low when compared to few other models which would go to as low as 20 Hz.

Ever felt stressful on where to place subwoofer? Do not fuss over it since EP300 is stronger and durable. Even though you might place it in the trunk, its hard casing assures you maximum protection against escaping and bumps.

  • It is packaged as a full set, therefore, alleviating the fuss of purchasing separate enclosure and amplifier
  • The enclosure is sealed to guarantee apparent bass
  • It features a bass-level control which you can remotely adjust
  • You can install it in the boot, cargo or under the seat
  • This model is slightly bigger, so, fitting under your car seat may be problematic
  • The frequency range is a bit higher than what is expected of a subwoofer

Under Budget

TNE212D2 is a full sound system, which includes 2 subs, an amplifier, and a vented enclosure. The surrounding is rugged and features 5/8 inch medium density fiber and aviation grade carpet.

This model is a 12-inch sub, but there are other sizes, which can fit in SUVs, trucks or sports cars. Its maximum peak power is 1200 watts while the RMS is 400 watts.

For quality and durability purposes, TNE212D2 has High-Performance with aluminum voice coil, rubber surrounds and polypropylene cone. Additional features include frequency response range of 37Hz to 150Hzthat hits hard and delivers great sound.

  • The package is a full set consisting of an amp, a vented enclosure, and the sub
  • Quite affordable
  • It boasts a very shallow mount than most models. It is as shallow as 3.325aluminum”
  • Low sensitivity rating, at 83dB

Best Cheap Subwoofer

With a maximum power of 1500 watts, you’ll appreciate the sound emanating from this subwoofer. Planet Audio AC10D uses a 4-ohm dual voice coil, and its frequency response runs down to as low as 39Hz.

Though this is a 10-inch subwoofer, you can still found all other sizes that can fit in most automobiles. For durability and minimal sound distortion, AC10D has been designed with foam surround and polypropylene cone.

These two materials can last you for the next two decades. The voice coils consist of aluminum, which is a low-density metal, highly resistant to corrosion and overheating.

If you like boat-riding, you can install this system, since it also doubles up as a boat and marine subwoofer.

  • For this audio system, you can customize the enclosure as sealed or ported
  • Has high power handling capabilities, with a maximum rating of 1500 watts
  • Best budget subwoofer
  • The trim ring is customizable
  • The frequency range is limited

Value for Money

This slim subwoofer model has nearly all the features you’ll find inexpensive brands. Being very compact, it can occupy very negligible space and would fit under your car seat or any other unthinkable area.

RW10CA boasts a maximum of 800 watts peak power and 200 watts RMS. With a frequency response going down to 20Hz, this sub assures you some good music, deepest and loudest bass.

Operating this model is a breeze. There’s no need for a remote wire to trigger the system since it will automatically switch on when it senses an audio signal. When there’s no signal, it will automatically shut.

  • Very slim, hence, ideal for use as an under seat subwoofer
  • Complies with the CEA standards, which is an assurance that the sub’s ratings are approved
  • It comes as a full set consisting of the sub, an enclosure ,and the amp
  • Easy to set up
  • Both the inputs and outputs are located on one side for convenience
  • Make a slight mistake during the installation process, and the sound quality is compromised

High Bass

This model from Sundown is one of the best subwoofers producing evident and perfect bass. Though it costs a fortune, this system delivers. You get what you pay for.

Having been made of high-quality materials, SA-12 will last longer than the lifespan of your car. The 2-ohm dual voice coil is designed from anodized aluminum. This material is durable, non-corrosive and good at preventing overheating.

Sundown’s SA-12 handles a maximum peak power of 1000 watts and RMS of 750 watts. Moreover, it comes with an attractive 2-year warranty, covering all possible defects relating to the material and the entire set.

  • High power handling rating of up to 1000 watts
  • Delivers excellent sound, thanks to the low-pitched notes
  • Built to last longer with a sturdy design
  • The motor is integrated with an efficient air-flow management system for maximum cooling of the voice coils
  • A little bit pricey

Runner-Up High Bass Subwoofer

BP1204 model from Dual Electronics is a full system consisting of an enclosure, two subs, an amp and built-in crossovers. It is a high-powered system with maximum power handling rating of up to 1100 watts and 600 watts peak power.

Dual Electronics’ BP1204 has a frequency range of between 30 Hz to 200Hz. These values will not just guarantee very aggressive and booming bass but also some clean sound free from distortion.

The impedance is 4-ohms with dual voice coils. Though this sub is not very pricey, the designers constructed it with high-quality materials and technology in mind.

The cones consist of brushed aluminium with transparent plexiglass for a great view. On the other hand, the surround includes medium density fiber and a first-class carpet.

  • Easy to install
  • It is a high-powered subwoofer
  • The illumiNITE design displays blue light during installation
  • Digital construction with computer-like acoustics
  • It is big in size

Affordable Subwoofer

You can’t talk of a powerful sub, which is competent at handling high power, without mentioning Pioneer’s TS-W3003D4. This model has a capacity of up to 2000 watts peak power and 600 watts RMS.

This model is a 12-inch subwoofer, a size that would fit in most types of vehicles. Apparently, there are no other sizes available. The frequency response range is between 20-80Hz with 4-ohm dual voice coils.

At least, it goes down to the lowest value, which the human ear can hear. These rates assure you of perfect lows and very accurate sound with the deepest bass levels.

  • Very affordable
  • Maximum peak power of 2000 watts
  • A low frequency that goes down to 20Hz
  • High sensitivity
  • Powerful acoustics
  • You might need an additional speaker to achieve optimal sound

How to pick the perfect car subwoofer

  • For as long as you understand your needs, shopping for a subwoofer becomes more like a walk in the park. Precisely, this device is all about the bass and low-pitch frequency you’re after.
  • Do you expect it to shake the car windows or vibrate the car next to yours in a traffic jam? Subs vary in size, type, power, impedance and sensitivity ratings.
  • However, the bigger the appearance does not necessarily mean that it is a champ at producing the very deepest bass. The most common sizes are 8”, 10”, 12” and 15”.
  • 8 inch subwoofers are very sharp and highly responsive. For audiophiles who embrace a lighter bass, this speaker fits the bill.
  • If you prefer something that will shake the entire car park, the 15” model will do it correctly. Summarily, the 10 and12-inch subs are efficient picks for your automobile.

Mode of evaluation

In our car audio assessments, we ensure a balance between the consumers’ ratings and our own. We consider every available sub in the market and identify all possible reviews they have received. Our sources are mainly from local stores, Amazon, consumer reports, and Glassdoor.

Among the factors, we stress on when testing them include the loudness, sound clarity, sensitivity, frequency response, quality, and the cost. Besides, we pay attention to the design and the material used in making the subwoofer.

This is because the style would contribute up to 20% of the resultant audio quality. For instance, some cheap plastic would produce very reasonable sound. The best sub would depend on you, your expectations and the needs you wish to fulfill.

If it fits the bill, highly-rated, and is compatible with your vehicle, then it is undoubtedly the best.

  • Different categories of subwoofers Subwoofers are more sophisticated than car speakers. As a result, picking the ideal choice is more of a challenge. What complicates it more is the fact that they come in characteristic, 4 different types.
  • 1. Personalized system Apparently, this system happens to be the best when professionally built. It requires that you customize your own subwoofer system by mounting component subs into a subwoofer box.
  • The only challenge you’ll encounter during the process is picking the right subs for the personalized system. However, once you are done, you will come up with an excellent system, which you can customize to meet your needs. You will require a car amplifier to power this sub.
  • 2. Pre-built subwoofer system This is an enclosed system, which will save you the pain of purchasing a boxed enclosure for your subwoofer. Just as the name suggests, the manufacturers would have already mounted the sub inside the box before releasing to the consumers.
  • Unlike the personalized system, you cannot customize this set to your mode of preference. Moreover, if either of the subs blows, the whole kit becomes useless.
  • 3. Powered subwoofer A powered car subwoofer is very versatile. It is compact, takes up negligible space and quite easy to install. A full package includes a built-in amplifier, an enclosure, and the sub. Most home subwoofers embrace this type of system.
  • The only downside of powered subs is the compromised bass depth, courtesy of the small size.
  • 4. Vehicle specific subwoofer A vehicle specific sub is solely designed for compatibility with a particular automobile. Because of this feature, it blends well in the car and therefore occupies less space. This system can be either pre-built, powered or personalized based on the above categories.

Other Considerations before shopping for a subwoofer

Just like any other product, subs vary depending on the features they exhibit. Some can play cool soft music, rock, fast-paced music, double bass, while others are The number bet for all types of music.

Most subwoofers are big-sized. As a result, you need to check out for the availability of space before adding this system to your cart.

However, a big size does not necessarily translate to a great car subwoofer. Apart from your expectations and the type of car you have, below is a buying guide for subs.

  • 1. Power handling abilitiesIf a subwoofer is capable of handling more power, it inevitably can produce the most profound bass you’ve ever longed for. In order to gauge how powerful your sub is, you’ll need to examine its RMS, rather than the peak power.
  • Most high-powered systems are quite costly, and they would require equally powerful amps to power them. As such, you ought to pay attention to the amp’s output to avoid possible damages resulting from incompatibility. In this case, you should be having a good quality car battery, or purchase the second one for extra power.
  • 2. Subwoofer style and designCheap is expensive. Subwoofers designed with urethane are a total crap and useless. You undoubtedly need something that will last longer than the span of your vehicle, without affecting the audio quality.
  • Car speakers are majorly made of rubber, foam or Santoprene surrounds. For cones, the best style is polypropylene, carbon, Kevlar, and aluminum. Mostly, the material should be strong and light, and able to withstand the pressure resulting from the low-pitch sounds.
  • 3. ImpedanceImpedance is a measure of electrical resistance. The most common values range between 2 and 4 ohms. An amplifier should always match up with the sub’s impedance.
  • For instance, if it’s a dual audio system, which are 2 ohms each, then the amp’s impedance should be 4 ohms. A very high rating would end up overheating the sub and eventually damaging it. On the contrary, a low rating would compromise with the audio quality.
  • 4. Subwoofer materialsThe better the quality of the material used to design the sub, the deeper you will dig into your pocket. Subs made of rubber are most common and relatively expensive. They will last longer and will not affect the sound.
  • 5. Sensitivity rangeSensitivity is the rate at which the speaker converts power to produce sound, in decibels. The higher the rating, the less power the system will require and the more efficient it will be. If the range is low, the sub will need more power to deliver the same sound.
  • 6. Frequency specificationFrequency range is a determinant on the resultant subwoofer’s low-pitched volume. A few factors such as the size of the sub and the enclosure specification have a hand in the frequency outcome. A sealed box, for example, would guarantee a clear bass.
  • About the speaker sizes, a 15-inch subwoofer will generate a low-frequency range, which is enough to shake your driving lane. For your vehicle, the ideal size is 10” and 12” because they are within the human hearing frequency range of 20Hz.
  • 7. Number of voice coilsThough you can still find single voice coil, dual voice coils or DVC is the most common in the market. This feature enhances flexibility when you are looking to wire a subwoofer. In this case, the sub uses 2 different voice coils, which end up joining in a standard cylinder, connected to one cone.
  • 8. Enclosure specifications: Sealed or Ported?If you want a great system with lively listening adventure, an enclosed system will work for you. Most of these systems would come pre-installed, but there are still some, which you can customize for yourself. You can find out how to build a subwoofer box since it is a straightforward exercise.
  • An enclosed sub is categorized as either a sealed or a ported enclosure. Just as the name implies, a sealed one is wholly boxed or concealed. It boasts very accurate bass with minimal to total zero distortion.
  • Ported enclosures have been botched to port sound off the system. They mainly produce very loud but distorted bass. For outdoor settings, this system is worth a try.
  • 9. AmplifierEvery car stereo system requires an amp. Although a few subwoofer brands have inbuilt amplifiers, the rest might need an external one. There are three critical factors to consider when looking for an amp. These include the number of subs you have, their impedance and RMS.
  • If you plan to integrate two subwoofers or more, you should go for a multi-channel amp. However, you can still get very powerful amps able to power several subs at ago.
  • In addition, the RMS of the system has to be analogous with that of the amp to avoid being under or overpowered. Lastly, the impedance of both the amplifier and the speaker should match.
  • 10. Audio crossover unitsA crossover unit is meant to filter out audio frequencies within the range of 20 – 2000Hz. It splits a single audio signal into two or several bands, which are then sent to their specific drive units. If your sub does not have factory-set crossovers, you can get one with an amplifier.
  • Your installed car speakers can produce only the mids and highs while the sub mainly focuses on the lows. By doing so, the entire stereo system will guarantee you a flawless mix.
  • 11. PriceFrom the economist point of view, it is advisable to work within your budget. After all, you can get a subwoofer, which might cost nearly as much as the price of your car. Contrary, you can still find a perfect one that is dirt cheap, rarely beyond the $100 dollar mark.
  • When talking about price and the amount you are willing to spend, the topic narrows down to a personal level. In this case, you ought to evaluate your needs, what you are looking for in a subwoofer and the amount you’re willing to part with.

Balancing your subwoofer with an amplifier

  • Each sub would always require an amplifier since they tend to use more power than ordinary speakers do. In fact, the amp built for the car stereo head units is more than able to power these speakers.
  • If a sub did not have an inbuilt amp, you can make a separate purchase. Unless there is no other alternative, the two should be from the same brand.
  • A sub and the amplifier would match on condition that the former’s impedance or RMS can handle that of the latter.
  • It is better for the system to be overpowered rather than being underpowered because it will be as good as useless.


  • A good sound system is not always attributed to the price range or its size. In as much as these two have a hand in the outcome of the audio quality, other factors are equally important. It all depends on your needs, the amount you’re willing to part with, and the features you want in a sub.
  • Since numerous brands are flooding the sound systems industry, narrowing down to the choice you need can be more like a Greek puzzle.
  • Basing on the information above, you can pick the sub of your choice with ease. Always remember that what sounds significant to you may not be entirely okay to the next person.


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