Best Bookshelf Speakers: The Audiophiliac’s Speakers Buying Guide

Audiophiliac’s Best-sounding: The bookshelf speakers 2019

Best BookShelf Speakers: Gone are the times when we used to struggle with low-quality sounds from our music systems. We are in a new era! With bookshelf speakers, you have the ability to self-wed your home sound system or customize your home theater systems to come up with a sound concussion to suit your homes need.

best bookshelf speakers

Their compactness allows them to bear the name bookshelf speakers as they are placed over averagely all house positions even on a bookshelf with ease. They are sleek in design and match your home décor perfectly.

The tough question is, which bookshelf speaker matches your acoustic needs? In the content below we give an overview of all relevant information that we presume vital in your quest to get a bookshelf speaker for your home system purpose.

Here Is the Side-By-Side Comparison Of Bookshelf Speakers

Speaker's NameSpeaker TypeMax PowerPriceCheck Price !
Edifier R1280T Powered
Edifier R1280T Powered

(4.7 / 5)
42 Watts
Mackie CR Series CR3
Mackie CR Series CR3

(4.4 / 5)
Subwoofer, Bookself
50 Watts 
Micca MB42X Bookshelf
Micca MB42X Bookshelf

(4.7 / 5)
75 Watts
KEF Q100 Bookshelf
KEF Q100 Bookshelf

(4.7 / 5)
Polk Audio TSi100
Polk Audio TSi100

(4.7 / 5)
100 Watts

Advantage of buying a Bookshelf Speaker?

The question of what makes them unique over other speakers is always contentious in the mind of many buyers. But to remove the doubts, below are the benefits bookshelf speakers carry over other models.

  • Compactness. Among all the benefits these speakers carry, this is the most notable. Their ability to be placed on any house position places them above the ladder of their chief competitors.
  • These speakers feature an advanced stereo technology that plays a critical role to boost the speaker’s sound quality.
  • They match well with most home sound systems hence their familiar term, `home surround sound system` that help catalyze your homes music sounds.
  • They as well incorporate a satellite speaker model that plays a significant role to match the speaker’s home theater systems.


Things to know Before buying a Bookshelf Speaker?

To ensure high-end delivery by the bookshelf speakers you purchase, it is necessary for you to consider some very vital factors as discussed below. Keen considerations of the plays mentioned earlier are needed to assure worthwhile investment.

  • Frequency: Frequency is key to consider. It is the range to which the speakers sound could be relayed. It may vary from 30 feet to 100 feet. Whatever range suits you will majorly be determined by the size of your room.
  • Power: This is a measure of how loud a speaker could be. For those of us seeking loudspeakers. It is important for us to put our speakers to the previous test to ensure we generate our bucks to what best suits your sound level need. Avoid buying loudspeakers that can damage your ears.
  • Sound delivery: How efficiently your bookshelf speaker transmits sound should top your priority list to ensure the sole purpose of purchasing the speakers is achieved. Make sure you listen to the speaker before buy or do a thorough research of these specs to provide likely results.
  • Design: Designs is a combination of both the sound system and the living room as well. You apparently cannot settle for a bad looking speaker since it would not match your house’s décor easily. On the other hand, you cannot purchase a large speaker yet your living room is small and vice verso. Make sure you consider what design to ensure productive results.
  • Price range: you can be lost of choices of what bookshelf speaker to settle for anytime you scan the market. From those ranging from thousands of dollars to some that are very cheap. There is something for everyone! Consider whether the features suit your need and at the same time, whether it matches your pocket.

5 Bookshelf Speakers: Reviews, Ratings, Specs, Pros & Cons & Features

Audiophiliac’s best-sounding

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf SpeakersFor those of us seeking a blend of quality and pocket friendliness, then Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers is the best solution. It is among one of the top bookshelf speakers. It is designed to add elegance to your living room. Owing to its sleek design, it can match placement on nearly all tools in the house.

Audio management is done with ease thanks to the bass and sound and trembles buttons on its speaker. The remote control feature is a plus since you can control the sounds from any location distance in the house.

It incorporates a deep bass and sound distortion that allows you enjoy high definition sound quality. The eased RCA connections enable you to connect your speaker with any device you prefer hence tagged highly compatible.



  • It is highly compatible with most external devices.
  • Its button and remote controls make it simple to operate.
  • It is sleek in design to enhance natural positioning.
  • High-quality sound delivery.


  • The speakers have missing wires hence need extra cables to connect the speakers.
  • Consumes a lot of power.

Mackie CR Series CR3If you are seeking for a sound complement for your home theater, Mackie CR Series CR3 – 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors (Pair) is the best solution.

With its array of amazing features, it should top a list for most buyers. To ensure its purpose is achieved, it is enhanced with high-quality sound performance and design to provide good entertainment is enhanced.

The frequency as well is a key contributor to its excellent sound. It incorporates a lighted volume knob that shows when the system is on or off. Its compactness is a key contributor to its ability to be placed at any point in the house.



  • It is compact hence easily placed to match your room’s sizes.
  • The speakers produce high-quality sounds.
  • It has easy indications of whether the system is powered on or off owing to its blue ring colors.
  • It is durable thanks to its high-quality models.


  • It ‘s hard to operate as it lacks some controls.
  • It is not compatible with external devices.

Best Value

Micca MB42X BookshelfIt is a short shelf speaker yet fully packed with cool features. The speakers sound is amplified thanks to its woofer that is packed with carbon fibers.

This, in turn, plays a significant role to enhance the speaker’s sound quality and as a result, enrich its bass. The bass enrichment is not left at that point. Its enclosures are ported to help service the bass as well. What the volume turns up and down is as well catered for in this speakers.

It incorporates some tweeters that serves to increase your speaker’s frequency and as a result help reduce sound distortion and makes the sound to travel a long distance. Due to its elegant design, the speakers can match every other item in your house hence works well to suit your décor widely.



  • The speakers are very easy to install.
  • The speakers are covered with carbon to help boost its bass.
  • The speaker incorporates tweeter and treble controls to help regulate frequency.
  • It has a compact size to allow a match with your décor.


  • It requires extra wire connections to ease the speaker’s workability.
  • Consumes a lot of power.

KEF Q100 Bookshelf LoudspeakersThe speakers are among the pocket-friendly lots we have on the bookshelf speakers. It speaker sizes up to 5.25 inches and can accommodate a frequency of 49KHz to 40 KHz from only one unit of operation.

The frequency relaying is extended to allow easy displacement of sounds for long distances hence eased voice transmission in all rooms in a house.

It has a suitable size. The size is large enough to match set up with a home theater and as well small enough to allow an easy match with a small house setting. It is easily compatible with the setup with a home theater system.



  • It is compact in design to fit in our houses.
  • It has a wider range of sound transmission.
  • It’s compatible with most home theater systems models.
  • It has a large speaker size.


  • It ‘s hard to connect.
  • Made from delicate products hence compromised durability.

Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf SpeakersA blend of beauty and quality is what the Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers carries along. It incorporates a 1-inch tweeter modeled from a polymer that helps add up the speaker’s frequency and as a result maximize on sound quality. The feature helps reduce sound distortion in the model that may be caused by an increase in the volume levels.

It features a sizable 5.25-inch woofer that is rich of bass and when blended with the tweeters high-quality sound is relayed. Its frequency ranges from 53 kHz to 25 kHz works well to enhance perfect audio transfer for longer distances without sound distortion.



  • It has a wider range of sound transmission.
  • It is affordable to a majority of buyers.
  • It tweeter modifications allows it has a perfect sound quality.
  • It is enhanced with a deep bass system.


  • It consumes a significant amount of power.
  • Hard to connect.

Final Verdict

  • Bookshelf speakers have in the recent times gained unprecedented popularity. If you value your home’s sound system quality, it is a crucial decision to purchase one. In the piece above we have given a detailed breakdown of all nitty-gritty’s regarding bookshelf speakers. The ball now lies in your coat to decide which speaker matches your needs most.

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