February 11th, 2022 at 11:35 am

VicTsing Shower SpeakerMany people would like to enjoy a quality and exciting moments as they take a shower. This results challenging as most of us concentrate on quality entertainment in the lounge area of our homes and tend to ignore some places like the bathroom areas. With the shower Bluetooth speakers, now, you can listen to your favorite jam from your tablet, mobile phone or laptop as you take a bath.

But, what benefits do these speakers carry? What are the factors one should put to the task of buying the speakers? Which are the best speakers on the market today? These tend to be the puzzle between most potential buyers. Below, we try to solve it for you and give you a crackdown of the same.

Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers Comparison Guide

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VicTsing Shower Speaker
VicTsing Shower Speaker,

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bluetooth, usb
Portable Outdoor Shower
Portable Outdoor Shower

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bluetooth, micro usb, usb
SoundBot SB510 HD
SoundBot SB510 HD

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bluetooth, usb
Battery/Corded Electric
iFox iF012 Bluetooth
iFox iF012 Bluetooth

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Cambridge SoundWorks
Cambridge SoundWorks

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bluetooth, micro usb, usb, aux

Advantage of buying a Shower Speakers projector ?

Most people, however, don’t get the importance of buying these Bluetooth speakers. But for music enthusiast, you can bare me, witness; they are the best due to the pack of advantages they carry along as discussed below.

  • Waterproof: They are waterproof. Unlike the conventional speakers, shower speakers are way above the ladder thanks to their waterproof nature that allows the speakers to endure harsh water conditions exhibited in the bathroom or tubs.
  • Quality: Produce quality music. In the bathroom, for instance, a lot of sound interference may be experienced from splashing water or heating showers. It is hence a requirement that the speaker you choose doesn’t disappoint on the same. Bluetooth speakers are hence the best option since their voice is of top quality.
  • portable: They are portable. Most of these speakers are light in weight and designed sleek to allow ease as you carry them around to the bathroom.

Things to know Before buying Best Shower Speakers ?

Music lovers would spend just any amount to make sure they get their hands on these speakers. But before you invest anything, you should ensure you consider some factors as discussed below:.

  • Sound quality: Before any purchase is made, it is important to consider whether the speaker has HD sound quality or the normal one. Some speakers sound quality are indigent such that moments you try to add volume the sound gets distorted. It is hence important you put this onto prior consideration to ensure quality delivery.
  • Color options: Most developers will model their speakers with a wide array of colors to choose them. You can hence go for one that matches your personality, as well as, match your interior!
  • Compatibility: The sole purpose as to why you purchase these speakers is to listen through our mobile devices, tablets or cell phones. It is hence unnecessary to buy a model that is not compatible with most of your gadgets. You are advised to generate income on a device that can match even a broad range of phone models.
  • Size and weight: Size and weight. Some speakers could be bulky in design and not very suitable for a bathroom setting. It is hence advised that before any investment you make sure your choice is sleek and can lure well in the shower area.
  • Shapes and buttons: You should ensure that your speaker of choice has a way that can allow you carry it around. The buttons as well should be reliable with the ability to play back or forward and some necessary pressings.
  • The battery life: A speaker with some perfect battery life is a better option. One with at least 6 hours battery life is the best choice as you don’t necessarily need to be near a socket any time you are listening to music.
  • An option to receive calls: If you need to connect your speaker with your mobile device, it is important the speaker has an opportunity to pick calls. This could someway seem impressive!
  • Easy to control: This depends on your preference. Whether you need one with a remote control or better still another one with button control, this all depend on your choice.
  • The price: The value of a given commodity should top your priority list always. There is no point in straining your bank account to make any purchase. It is just a matter of reasoning and makes the best choice that matches your wallet.

5 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers Review In 2022

VicTsing Shower SpeakerFor those seeking a blend of style and quality, VicTsing Shower Speaker is the best option for you. Its waterproof design is critical to note as it can endure just any harsh environmental conditions. Hence it is the best fit for shower setting, beach setting as well as camping sites. Its battery drain time is 6 hours. These are an incredible option that makes it convenient for a party use without quick battery drain.

Its design is very impressive owing to the detachable suction aluminum metal hook that allows you to hang the speaker with ease. It has a mic addition to let you pick calls with ease as you shower. Its compatibility is of a raised level as it matches use on any laptop, tablet or phone model. Its wide color choice makes it an excellent choice to match your interiors.


  • Incorporates a longer battery life.
  • It is unique in design and can match any setting.
  • It is 100% waterproof and can endure any harsh conditions.
  • Its mic option eases mobile phone picking.


  • It has a bad suction cup.
  • Made from lesser durable materials.

Portable Outdoor ShoweA 12 hour play time just after a mere 3 hours charging time with volumes beyond 80%? This is very awesome! This feature makes Portable Outdoor Shower Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker stand tall over all other competitions. In comparison to its competitors, this Bluetooth speaker has positioned its self over them thanks to its 5 watts speaker that has an enhanced bass system to suit your shower and free operation.

It is designed with the latest Bluetooth connection of 4. And can pair with devices as far as 33 feet with ease making it very convenient for use in all environments. Is your device Bluetooth enabled? This is the only requirement to allow the speaker match with your device. Be it an iPhone or Android al are served by the speaker.


  • It waterproof and can endure harsh conditions.
  • Incorporates a wide Bluetooth connection range.
  • Its design is unique.
  • It has a longer battery life.


  • Not to standard sound quality.
  • It is not durable in the model.

SoundBot SB510 HD WaterAre you a big music lover, casing point trance music and are seeking some quality speakers to match your suit? Then worry no more. With sound bot, you are assured of a crispy sound delivery, advanced with noise and wind reduction and designed to deliver high acoustic sounds for you. Its waterproof modification plays some vital role to ensure to ensure it can endure any harsh environmental setting like camping, beach experience, and all the rest.

It is as well designed with a suction cup that is detachable making it unique in nature. Its compatibility is some to reckon with. It can match just any device with Providence that it is Bluetooth enabled. The connection is efficient and can match most devices like iPod, mp3, and smartphones. Its mic addition allows you to answer calls with ease and a crystal clear sound transmission.


  • Produces some high-quality sounds.
  • It is easily compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • It is waterproof in the model.
  • Has an excellent design to allow portability.


  • Has a short battery life.
  • Poor Bluetooth connection with shorter distances.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower SpeakerThis is the latest development by I fox thanks to public demand. Its white buttons are candy to the eye of the users and are easy to identify even in dark times. Its CE, CFC and ROHC certifications makes it a worth purchase for your pocket.

Its waterproof design has positioned itself miles above its competitors due to its deep seat sinking. One can push deep it in water up to 3 feet deep without a reduction in the sound quality. This specification makes it efficient for use even in a pool setting. It is easily compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops of all models.

It’s mic modification makes it very easy to receive and make calls even at any comfortable position of your beds as your phone is charging at some other distant place. Isn’t this model excellent? Its battery life is long enough and spans up to 10 hours of operation time.


  • It has a beautiful design and compact design for portability.
  • It incorporates proper certifications making it legal.
  • It incorporates proper certifications making it legal.
  • It is compatible with most gadget models.


  • It takes time a lot of time to charge.
  • Designed with poor quality materials hence less durable.

cambridgeWith many speakers on the market today. Cambridge could be speculated a great deal. Its ultra-high quality sound is best suit for just any genre of music without any compromise on the bass and quality. Its quality is not distorted regardless of the sound addition in volumes hence some perfect bass.

This makes it the best choice for use at homes. It is designed to weather proof. Unlike other speakers that are just waterproof, this one stands tall with the capability to withstand dust, sand, and other harsh environmental setting. It’s lightweight and compactness make its portability easy.

It includes a high-quality battery that is easily rechargeable to allow action time up to 12 hours. Easy Bluetooth connection with almost all gadgets that are Bluetooth enabled.


  • It is light weight hence easily portable.
  • Produce high-quality sound.
  • Its weather proof to allow it endure harsh environmental conditions.
  • It is durable.


  • Has a longer recharge time.

Final Verdict

  • With the advancement in the technology today, Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular among many people. Young people are well known to be music freaks and happen to be the most consistent users of the speakers. With the detailed crackdown given below, I believe you are well equipped with the knowledge to allow you make the best choice of the speakers.