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Best Bluetooth ReceiversWith the current technological wave being experienced in the world today, all devices cropping up are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth connection is the wireless connection of devices.

With the technology for instance, when you plan to connect your iPod, laptop or smartphone to your speaker you don’t necessarily need to use wires for connection. Bluetooth receivers will do the task.

With the device, you can pair your device within no time and at your comfort listen to audios. However, getting the best bang for your buck turns out very cumbersome for buyers owing to the wide varieties to choose.

The piece below will enlighten you on the benefits of buying the adapter, what factors to top your considerations lists and above all a crackdown of Best Bluetooth Receivers in the market today.

List of The 5 Best Bluetooth Receivers: Comparison Table

Receiver's Name TechnologyBrand NamePriceCheck Price !
Etekcity Wireles
Etekcity Wireles

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Wireless, Bluetooth
TaoTronics Bluetooth
TaoTronics Bluetooth

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Wireless, Bluetooth
TP-Link HA100 NFC
TP-Link HA100 NFC

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Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter
Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter

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Wireless, Bluetooth
AmazonBasics Bluetooth
AmazonBasics Bluetooth

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The advantages of purchasing a Bluetooth receiver?

  • With the Bluetooth receivers, there are no wire connections since you stream the music through waves. Provided your speaker is Bluetooth-enabled you don’t have to worry about wires or sockets.
  • The receivers are compact in design hence they are easily portable.
  • The receivers have inbuilt batteries. The batteries have a longer life to help reduce instances of constant recharging. Hence save on energy.
  • Most of them are water resistant. Hence, one can use the devices in all water environments like the beach or showers without compromise on its quality.
  • For professional DJs for example, one can create a playlist and stream it through the Bluetooth enabled speakers making it less cumbersome.


Factors to consider before you purchase

With the advantages in mind, most of you probably understand why these receivers are vital and wish to buy one for themselves. Below are some factors you should put into an account to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

  • Frequency level: This is the range of operation for your Bluetooth device. In simpler terms, it is the distance you should place your Bluetooth device from your source and have the capability to enjoy the uninterrupted sound. The higher the range a receiver carries, the better the device.
  • Battery life: Imagine a Bluetooth receiver that requires recharging after every hour of operation. A perfect Bluetooth receiver should have the potential to serve your music for a longer period to make sure it is a right investment. It is hence important that before you settle for one make sure its battery life is longer to assure more extended service.
  • Cost: This is a major consideration that one requires to make before deciding on a Bluetooth receiver. It beats logic to purchase a Bluetooth receiver that is too expensive and get unending debts. You should first know how much you can afford for the receiver, then search for one that has the right specifications, after which you can invest.
  • Customer reviews and ratings: After working with the receiver for some time, other customers tend to review it on the online platform and as well rate its operation. Before you settle for one make sure you scour through the reviews to ensure what you want to buy, have sufficed other clients well.


See The 5 Best Bluetooth Receivers Review You Can Buy

Etekcity Wireless BluetoothIt happens to be the best Bluetooth receiver on the market today. What makes it stand tall over its competitors is its ability to connect to traditional speakers like home theaters, computer speakers, and car audio systems. From computers to smartphones through to tablets the small Bluetooth device can pair with all Bluetooth devices.

The device as well allows for a broad range of connection. Its frequency range is up to 33 feet matching to 10 meters. This distance enhances connection from longer distances without quality interference. The gadgets fast charging technique of 2 hours and giving service time to 10 hours is as well something vital to note.



  • The device has a broad range of connection.
  • It is versatile and allows for all connections.
  • Is enhanced with rapid charging and assured longer time of service.
  • The device has a longer warranty to service in case of damage.


  • The connection is not perfect. It has some interruptions.
  • It is less durable owing to its fragile materials.


The Bluetooth receiver is a perfect match for those seeking affordability and service. The items inside the pack including the 3.5 mm audio cable, power adapter, and USB power cord are good additions to match its functioning. It is hence a necessary gadget for those with traditional speakers and wants a Bluetooth connection for them.

TaoTronics BluetoothIf you are seeking to transform your accessory that is not Bluetooth enabled to get the Bluetooth ability, the device is hence home for you. It features the latest Bluetooth technology of 4.1 to allow for smooth and uninterrupted connections.

Unlike other Bluetooth receivers in its price range, the receiver boasts of 2 in 1 connection. What does this mean? You can easily connect two items like speaker and headphones without interruption of quality. It has a longer battery life that spans up to 10 hours of operation.

Its functioning is as well not interrupted during charging time. You can charge and at the same time stream your music with ease. The gadget`s versatility is also key to note. It can turn even traditional TVs for instance to be Bluetooth enabled.



  • It has the latest Bluetooth version of 4.1..
  • It can connect two items at one time.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It is highly versatile and allows for almost all connections.


  • Requires much more time to charge the device.
  • If you connect from a longer distance, the sounds quality interferes.

The receiver is a must buy for those who love sophistication. Its ability to connect two gadgets at the same time is essential to note. It features the latest Bluetooth technology to allow for more efficient connections. It, however, needs much time to charge, but this should not be a deal breaker owing to its long time of service.

TP-Link HA100 NFC-Enabled BluetoothIt`s sleek and elegant looking design is the first eye catcher the device has. It is highly versatile and can transform non-Bluetooth devices to Bluetooth enabled. Talk of traditional speakers, the receiver modifies them to allow them to stream audio files from your smartphones and tablets with ease.

The device has a capability to connect 3.5 mm jack devices hence allows one to log into any stereo of the same size. Its range of connection as well is critical to note.

It stands tall against its competitors and allows for 66 feet or 20-meter connection without sound interruptions. It features the latest Bluetooth technology of 4.1 that increase its compatibility.



  • It is highly versatile to allow for majority connections.
  • Has a wider range of connection that spans up to 20 meters, unlike other devices.
  • It is easy to connect and use.
  • It features the latest Bluetooth compatibility of 4.1


  • Made from delicate materials hence less durable.
  • It has a shorter battery life as compared to its competitors.

The manufacturers of the gadget had the customer’s reference in mind. It can connect to any traditional speakers with ease and with minimized quality interruptions. It’s longer connection range is as well a boost for the item. If you are yet to place hands on a perfect receiver then with TP-link you are settled.

Bluetooth 4.1 TransmitterIf you are seeking a blend of high-end performance and a pocket matching device, then this device got you covered on the same. Unlike other appliances, the receiver boasts of a two in one transmitter and receiver.

The gadget allows for connection from non-Bluetooth devices to your Bluetooth enabled ones, while the receiver allows for linking between to speakers into the enabled devices. As if this is not enough, the device further permits the connection between two devices example two headphones or speakers.

The device has the latest Bluetooth technology of 4.1 that as well allow for maximized compatibility. The gadget also allows for high-quality audio that is quick and at the same time uninterrupted.



  • It is a two in one device with a receiver and transmitter.
  • Has latest Bluetooth technology to enhance compatibility.
  • It allows connection between two devices like headphones and speakers.
  • Uninterrupted audio transmission.


  • It has a shorter range of connection.
  • It is made from fragile materials making it lesser durable.

The device’s performance is incredible. Among all devices, getting one that can work as a receiver and transmitter is the most challenging thing, but with the above gadget, all this happens in a blink. It, however, doesn’t allow for long-range connection but at the same time for the field, it is speculated to support, the connection has no interruption on audio quality.

AmazonBasics BluetoothIt is probably the easiest to use receiver we have on the market today. It operates on the simple plug and plays basis. This simplicity makes it dear for those people with a lesser technological background since they run it with ease. Though it is simple in nature, its features match the more sophisticated lot.

It has a 4.0 Bluetooth technology that makes it more compatible with a majority of devices without interruptions. It has a wider range of service as it operates up to 33 feet equivalent to 10 meters with minimized interruptions. It is highly versatile and can match all devices with little breaks.



  • It has the latest blue tooth technology of 4.0
  • It has a wider range of connection up to 10 meters.
  • It is simple to operate owing to its plug and play basis.
  • It is versatile and allows for many devices connections.


  • It has a shorter battery life.

It is the receiver for most people who are seeking simplicity. It requires little know how to connect. Simply by reading the manual, you get the background of connection and can do it with ease. Trying the device out could probably be the best tactic to test its quality.

Final Verdict

  • With the analysis on Best Bluetooth receivers in the market today, it is simple to make a choice of the best one to match your needs. Make sure you put the considerations as a priority to ensure you have a perfect choice and reduced frustrations. Scan through the receivers in the review and settle for the one that best matches your needs. The world is moving wireless, why then stress yourself with the wire connections.