Bicycle Speakers: 5 Best Bike Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

Best Bicycle Speakers
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Which Are The Best Bicycle Speakers For Bike Handlebars?

Bicycle Speakers: Well, While cycling is a good workout for the body, listening to music while at it serves as food for the soul and spirit. Through the divine power of music, the spirit of man is fortified. If you love to cycle as a way of exercising or your means to get by, you need to invest in some good bicycle speakers.

best bicycle speakers

There are a plethora of brands to choose from, which come with different distinct features to suit different needs.

This buyer’s guide and review is aimed at helping you find the Perfect bicycle speaker. Before getting to that, there are some important aspects you should know about.

Below We’ve compiled a list of the Top bicycle speakers for you to consider.

5 Top Bluetooth Bike Speakers Compared

Speaker's NameConnectivityPower SourcePriceCheck Price !
Goal Zero Rock Out
Goal Zero Rock Out

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Bluetooth, Usb
Venstar Waterproof Sport
Venstar Waterproof Sport

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bluetooth, usb, aux
Avantree Portable Bluetooth speaker

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ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth
ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth

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Portable Waterproof
Clearon Portable Waterproof

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Bluetooth, USB

What are the Advantages of Buying Bicycle Speakers?

Listening to music while working out isn’t a new concept as people have come to realize the many advantages associated with the same. By buying bicycle speakers, you will get to experience the many benefits linked to listening to music during workouts. One of these benefits is that it distracts you from your bodily weariness and/or pain. Such a distraction can boost your performance by up to 15%.

Research also finds that listening to music while cycling also stimulates the motor area of the brain, enabling you to keep pace and up your effort. With good bicycle speakers, therefore, you will be able to cycle longer and further.

Here is a Side by Side Comparison Review of Bicycle Speakers

Not only is this speaker ideal for cycling, but it is also perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Its outer casing is made of high quality, rubberized plastic that is not only water resistant, but it is also highly durable to survive extreme weather conditions.

It is a wireless speaker, it features Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows for wireless connectivity between the speaker and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also integrated is a digital FM radio with auto scan presets. Mounting the speaker to your bike has been made easy as it easily installs to the handle or frame of the bike.


  • Sturdy and durable outer casing
  • Water resistant.
  • Dustproof and shockproof.
  • Allows for wireless connectivity.
  • Easily mounts on the bike.
  • Doubles as a bottle holder.
  • The on-terrain operation made safe and easy via remote control.
  • Speaker can be used as bike bell.
  • FM radio isn’t so clear.
  • No mobile charging option.

Overall, this Bluetooth Speaker is an outstanding product that helps you get most out of your cycling workouts. Not only does it allow you to listen to your favorite music or radio station while cycling, but it also serves as a bike bell, thus keeps you entertained and safe on the road respectively.

Goal Zero Rock Out Speaker, GreenSpotting a sturdy and portable design, this wooden sound box and bass speaker produces a full range of high-quality sound that’s crisp and clear for outdoor adventures. Through its integrated speakers, it pumps sound from audio devices such as mp4, mp3, iPod, etc.

All you need to do is to plug the speaker into the audio or headphone jack of your device and press the play button. This speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that takes only 4 hours to fully charge via USB or GoalZero Nomad 7. What’s more is that this speaker can be easily mounted on a bike stem.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Fairly small and compact, thus portable.
  • Lightweight at 0.40kgs (14.4oz).
  • Weather resistant.
  • Great battery life
  • Has a zipper.
  • Has a power indicator.
  • It’s wired.
  • Doesn’t have volume control.
  • The audio cable is built-in and short.

The Goal Zero Rockout Speaker is fairly a good bicycle speaker, especially if you ride across less noisy places. The fact that it allows connectivity from a wide variety of audio devices also makes it an ideal choice. It’s rugged and portable design is also a plus as it allows it to be easily mounted on the bike.

Avantree super bass protable

Designed for a variety of outdoor settings, this Bluetooth speaker is definitely an awesome option for cyclists. It features a portable design that allows you to connect your audio device such as tablet or phone from up to 10 mtr.

You’ll also be impressed by this speaker’s sound quality and impressive volume, as well as Standybuy time up to 40 hours and this speaker is powered by two 8 watt drivers with a subwoofer.

This Bluetooth speaker is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices, and can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices via 3.5mm port.


  • Compact and portable.
  • High sound quality and impressive volume.
  • Bluetooth technology allows for wireless connectivity.
  • Long battery life of up to 40 hours.
  • Comes with a bicycle mount/hook.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Does not come with a zipper or a case.

The pros of this device by far outweigh its cons, thus true to say that the SMARTOMI Portable Speaker 40 Hours Playtime Bluetooth Speaker is indeed a smart choice for cyclists. It has pretty decent features that a good bicycle speaker should have.

ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerOne of the most plausible features of this Bluetooth speaker is the exceptional sound quality that it delivers. It comes with an inbuilt amplifier that evens out the size-to-volume ratio. You can connect the speaker to any audio device such as an MP3 player, phone or tablet that has Bluetooth or a standard 3.5mm jack.

Also integrated is a built-in 400 mAh battery that is rechargeable, and can last up to 15hrs. !hat’s more is that you can use this Bluetooth speaker to charge your cell phone. In addition to that, this speaker comes with a pair of Velcro straps that you can use to strap the speaker onto your bike.


  • High sound quality.
  • Mountable through two Velcro straps.
  • Allows for Bluetooth connectivity.
  • protective and sturdy carrying case.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Allows for private listening through a headphone jack.
  • Speaker is waterproof.
  • The storage container is not waterproof.

ECEEN has gone above and beyond to design a very impressive product that cyclists can derive entertainment from while on the road. The ECEEN Bluetooth Speaker is sturdy, compact and portable, making it convenient for cyclists to mount on their bikes. The availability of a headphone jack to allow for private listening is undoubtedly a remarkable feature.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth 4.0 SpeakerWith this Bluetooth speaker, you get four proofs – it’s waterproof, dustproof, stainproof and shockproof. This is made possible by the outstanding build quality that enables the speaker to endure severe environments. Besides that, this is a very versatile speaker in the sense that it can be easily mounted on a variety of things including a bike, folding chair, backpack and even a boat.

This is made possible by the availability of essential tools and accessories for mounting, including bike mount and backpack hook. Its compact and lightweight design also help to make it ultraportable.


  • Produces high-quality sound.
  • Multi-function capabilities with Bluetooth, AUX, FM radio and micro SD Card.
  • Built-in mic enables you to dial and answer calls.
  • Speaker serves as bike horn.
  • Very durable.
  • Allows for Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Comes with mounting accessories.
  • No zipper and no casing.

The quality of sound produced is quite great for a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Its multifunction capabilities also make the Clearon Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker an excellent choice for cyclists who like variety.


Considerations Before Purchasing Bicycle Speakers

  • Sound Quality: The mainly depends on where you mostly cycle. If you have to navigate through areas with a lot of noise, you can opt for speakers that can reach high volumes without necessarily compromising the sound quality. If you navigate through less noisy places, bicycle speakers with moderate volume and good sound quality will work just fine.
  • Case Size: Selecting bicycle speakers that come along with a sturdy case will be most ideal. This is because it will allow you to safely carry your music device or mobile phone. With that in mind, it would be wise if you choose a case size that will leave enough room for your speakers and music device.
  • Power Supply Option: There are two power supply options for bicycle speakers – those that are powered by rechargeable batteries and those that are powered by disposable batteries. The former requires being charged regularly, while the latter are replaceable. Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which option best suits you.
  • Mounting Options: You have to choose between two mounting options, i.e. use of mounting brackets or use of Velcro straps. Mounting brackets are sturdy and durable and are ideal for bumpy rides. Velcro straps, on the other hand, are cheaper and are susceptible to wear and tear over time, thus not ideal for irregular terrains.
  • Additional Features:
  • Mobile Charging Option: Those bicycle speakers that come with this feature are obviously more ideal compared to those that do not. This is because they allow you to charge your mobile phone while on the go.
  • Call-taking Option: Just like it is dangerous to take calls while driving, it is equally dangerous to pick calls when cycling. Bicycle speakers that allow cyclists to wireless connect their devices for either taking calls or playing music are always preferred.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Just like it is dangerous to take calls while driving, it is equally dangerous to pick calls when cycling. Bicycle speakers that allow cyclists to wireless connect their devices for either taking calls or playing music are always preferred.

Final Verdict

  • With different brands of bicycle speakers on the market, you may have a hard time choosing the right one, especially if you don’t have a good guide to help you started. The products reviewed above come with the most crucial features that bicycle speakers should possess, and the good thing is that all the above products are reasonably priced. This only means that choosing any of these products will undoubtedly give you good value for your money!

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