November 27th, 2021 at 05:46 am

Are you looking to beef up your movie-watching or gaming sessions? Here are the three best 4k projectors under $2000 

We all wish to buy the best things for ourselves, be it a projector or any other item in the world. However, the yearning to find the best things sometimes ends up with a wrong purchase. Since $2000 is not a small amount, I won’t let you buy any projector that can’t fulfill your requirements. Within two minutes, you’ll be able to find the best projector for under $2000 as per your needs as long as you follow my projector buying guide below. 

If you don’t have time to read the buying guide, check out my list of the top 4k projectors under $2000 

  1. Optoma UHD 50X 4k projector
  2. BenQ HT3550i Smart 4k projector
  3. Optoma UHD 30 Gaming 4k projector

1. Optoma UHD 50X True 4K UHD Projector

Best Optoma Projector under $2000

This UHD DLP 4k projector and is among the best 240Hz gaming projectors. The UHD 50X is designed for gaming and watching movies, but the gaming experience was better than watching movies. I liked the cinema-friendly aspects, such as support for HLG and HDR10. The projector delivered impressive picture quality even under the high glare, and the images were color-rich and clear.

It utilizes DLP display technology, and it also features 3400 lumens. Thanks to this brightness, I can watch my movies in any environment. The contrast ratio stands at 500,000:1, and the resolution at 1080p. It also has an incredible lamp life of 15,000 hours.


  • Crisp, colorful pictures
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Room-filling sound
  • Features various modes for cinema and gaming requirements


  • No motion smoothing

2. BenQ HT3550i 4K Smart Home Theater Projector

Best BenQ projector under $2000

The BenQ HT3550i comes when it’s almost ready to go from the box. It has lens shift and keystone correction making it easier for me to align the images properly even while the projector is positioned at an angle. Besides, with the chrome-cast, airplay, and remote control, I am more than ready to start watching my favorite shows after I plug it in.

The 4k resolution delivers incredibly clear and colorful images. Additionally, the cinematic color feature offers life-like images with realistic colors. The HT3550i features an optimized movie mode that automatically brightens the picture when watching my movies in the dark.

For the perfect movie-watching session, I set up the Cinema-Master audio and video settings. While this projector is user-friendly and easy to set up, it is pretty heavy at 28 pounds. This makes it difficult for me to move it from one room to another. It is also a short-throw 4k projector; and, it was perfect in my small TV room. With approximately one foot between the screen and the projector, I could comfortably watch my shows on my 100-inch screen.


  • 4k resolution translating to life-like images
  • Night movie mode
  • Cinematic color feature
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Short-throw projector
  • Lens shift and keystone adjustment help align images properly.


  • It is quite heavy

3. Optoma UHD 30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD 30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

The Optoma UHD 30 is perfect for gaming. Gamers can finally enjoy their gaming sessions and stop feeling left out when it comes to 4k projectors that will meet their gaming needs. This excellent 4k projector deals with all gaming issues, from refresh rates to dawdling lag times. It was purposely designed for gaming. It has increased refresh rates of 240Hz for gentler frames, even in the middle of your game.

Even NFS at its fastest will not slow this projector down. On the other hand, I lost a bit of quality when I switched to gaming mode; but, it’s not that many pixels. Still, I had HD resolution, and the pictures projected were clear enough. When I opted to use 4k resolution, it reduced the lag time to 26ms. While this is fast enough for the infrequent gamers, and you get to see the images in 4k resolution, it is not ideal for serious gamers.

For the movie lovers like me, the Optoma UHD 30 will not disappoint either. With the 4k resolution, you are guaranteed precise and color-rich images. The 3400 lumens count makes it ideal for watching movies in any environment. The 8.6 pounds weight means it is portable; therefore, it’s easy to move from the house and set it up in the backyard for the perfect movie night with friends.

The moonlight will not affect the quality of the pictures. It supports HLG and HDR 10 technologies which warrant accurate colors. Together with its excellent contrast ratio, the images are clear, crisp, and impressive.


  • High refresh rate
  • Reduced input lag
  • Impressive gaming mode
  • Easy to set up and use


  1. It takes some time to tune the picture’s alignment and the color modes as well.

Buying guide: How to choose the best $2000 projector on your own? 

Are you having a hard time choosing the right 4k projector under $2000? I get it; with all the highly functional products in the market, you might get confused on which one to pick, or maybe end up buying the wrong one for your needs. To ease the process for you, I have written this informed buying guide to help you out. 

Projector Type (DLP, LCD)

LCD projectors are usually cheap. However, they need a lot of maintenance, especially with switching out the filters and preventing dust accumulation. On the other hand, DLP projectors are pricier than their counterparts. Typically they have extra mirrors translating to more pixels to display your high-quality pictures and videos.


A high-resolution projector is a key to better quality videos and pictures. For most projectors, you cannot manually adjust the resolution; therefore, it is better to go for a projector with a varying resolution to make it possible for you to adjust the resolution according to your needs.

Screen size

The screen size you choose depends on the place where the light is reflecting. With a bigger screen, you will have a better movie-watching or gaming session.


Brightness is another factor that affects the quality of the image. For this reason, you should be very keen when checking for brightness which is typically measured in lumens. When you’re utilizing a projector, the primary considerations are the time and the place you’re using it. If you place it in a dark space, the lumens count should be about 1000, and during the day or in brighter spaces, it should stand at over 3000 lumens.

Contrast ratio

The projector’s contrast ratio will also determine image quality. The contrast ratio is the difference between the bright and dark images. If the projector has an increased contrast ratio, the image projected is darker, and vice versa. A high contrast ratio is ideal for better quality images.


Projectors usually come with multiple connectivity options, but make sure you check because you don’t want a scenario where you have to purchase adapters for the necessary connection. For good images and sounds, HDMI connections are the best. Additionally, some projectors allow for wireless connections, which is a more convenient option.


In this world full of technology, where you use gadgets such as PC, smartphones, and laptops, it is best to buy a projector that connects these devices for convenience and improved performance.

FAQs: Most common questions about $2000 projectors

1. 4k or ultra HD resolution projector is possible under $2000?

Ans. Of course, it is. Most projectors, even projectors under $300, support 4k resolution; however, they support it partially, not natively. I advise you to check the native resolution of your projector before buying. 

If you ask me, then I would recommend Optoma UHD50X for 4K. It can play Ultra-HD media content. Also, 4K gaming with an awesome 16ms response time. 

2. Which projector will be perfect for movies and offers Cinematic Color Technology? 

Ans.  When it Cinematic Color Technology, BenQ is unbeatable. Since you want it for watching movies with Cinematic effects, go for BenQ’s HT3550i 4k model. It offers some optimized movie modes that enhance its overall viewing experience. Besides, it supports wireless projection and HDR-PRO.  

3. Which 4K projector under $2000 will be best for gaming that can support up to 240Hz refresh rate. 

Ans. Most projectors under $2000 support the 240Hz refresh rate. However, Optoma UHD30 can give you better performance and smoothness. Besides, it is compatible with HD& HLG technology for darker black levels and brighter whites. 


After the buying guide above, which includes all of the projector’s essentials, are enough for you to buy the best 4k projector for under 2000 as per requirements. 

Whether you pick from the list above or on your own, don’t forget to check these projectors’ factors: resolution, screen size, brightness, connectivity, compatiblity of a projector. And more importantly, make sure your projector natively supports 4K.