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BenQ TH585 Review: Your Home Theater Projector Under budget In 2023

BenQ TH585 Review
Written by Edwards

If you are looking for a projector that can give you high-quality service for lower price points, the BenQ TH585 is the one you are looking for. With its design meant for gaming, television, and other entertainment factors, you get to enjoy this projector whenever you play games with friends and loved ones, binge-watch on your Netflix playlist, and many more. However, if you are still not convinced, let this detailed BenQ TH585 review persuade you that buying this would be the best thing for you and your family’s entertainment.

BenQ TH585 Full Review: All you need to know about the projector in 2023

Key Features: Is BenQ TH585 a true home theater projector? 

The BenQ TH585 boasts of its many vital features that swear to make your home entertainment experience much more worthwhile. Here are some of those.

Image Quality: Does BenQ TH585 support 4K HDR Input?

If you think a high-quality image is impossible in projectors that are not as expensive as the A-list ones, the BenQ TH585 will prove you wrong. The TH585 is constructed around a DLP chip with 1920 by 1200 pixels, and however, it can provide a 1080p image resolution, thanks to the same DLP chip that only uses 1920 by 1080 pixels.

This DLP chip is further paired with an RGBWYC color wheel with six segments, one for each color: red, green, blue, white, yellow, and cyan. This gives it more enhanced image quality, with the yellow chip allows the projector to give out a much brighter yellow than most DLP projectors.

Speaking of segments, the white segment chip of the TH585 allows the projector to produce images of better quality than other projectors built around the exact specifications. In addition, it has a projector rating of 3500 ANSI lumens, which speaks volumes on how clear and crisp the images can be.

Even though the white segment chip allows the TH585 to produce high-quality images, it is also the same factor for its negative effect on color accuracy. As a result, some colors might be more exaggerated or muted than others, but they will produce different results when a different projector is used.

This is also why most color wheels installed in home projectors do not have white panels to produce much better colors and improved image quality.

Gaming Quality: Gaming on the TH585?

As mentioned above, the TH585 is primarily designed for gaming purposes, which is why it should stand out compared to other modes when the projector is used. However, the TH585 does not fail to deliver, with the figure coming in at 16.4 milliseconds, with the resolution set at 1080p and the input set at 60Hz.

The TH585 also has a small chassis and is lightweight, making it a hit among gamers who value portability when choosing a projector. This is perfect for gamers who prioritize portability, allowing them to bring the projector with them wherever they go. They can easily set it up wherever they are — whether hanging out with friends in their house or moving from one room to another.

The only downside for this one is that it has no carrying bag or case available. You might have to bring the box with you or buy another bag that fits the purpose. However, it should not be a big deal because you can fit this into any spacious bag, and your backpack might fit this in without any issues.

Sound Quality: Do I need to buy an external sound system?

If the TH585 excels in its image department, the sound department might be its weakness as it does not have the same levels as its image quality.

Some people might feel that the projector’s built-in sound system might be its Achilles’ heel, as the volume at its maximum levels pales compared to other home projectors. In addition, although the mono 10-watt speaker is decent in overall quality, the full volume makes it unfit to use in open areas, such as the garden or your backyard, for outdoor film nights.

The sound quality might be okay if you are just in your room or the living room with your family, but if you want to use it outdoors, it is best to use a separate pair of speakers for a better viewing experience.

Setup, Design, and Hardware: Is BenQ TH585 portable enough to carry?

The TH585 is lightweight, allowing you to bring it from one place to another without hassles. It weighs 6.2 pounds (2.8kg) and has measurements of 12.3″ x 8.9″ (31.2 x 22.6 cms), which is lighter compared to others.

As for its outlets, the TH585 has one VGA port, another one for HDMI, and another port for HDMI/MHL. One of its additional features is the support it allows for shifting of its digital vertical lens. Not everyone in the same price point has a feature since it is usually provided for projectors of higher price points.

It fully utilizes its DLP chip by moving the projector’s position up or down by about five percent. As a result, it makes the image quality and overall viewing experience much better by miles.

Brightness: Does BenQ TH585 bright enough to handle ambient light?

Even though the colors in the normal projection mode are very much acceptable and closer to the original colors, the Bright mode does not share the same qualities without any exaggeration.

This projector has a green bias that is noticeable enough, though, with the TH585, it is much less pronounced compared to the other projectors. Most people would still find it okay to use in some instances, especially in outdoor projections.

The 35,000 lumens of this projector have been considered adequate for its size and specifications, depending on the ambient light. However, the modes will have much lower brightness compared to the others.

Projection Modes: What about picture quality of the BenQ TH585?

Aside from the Bright mode that we previously discussed, it also has Game and Cinema modes. These modes offer different brightness levels and overall image quality, making them suitable to their respective modes compared to other projectors.

The Cinema mode has the best quality of color accuracy, while the Game mode boasts of its best contrast and 3D qualities darkly. Even though these modes are named according to what is best for them, you can still use them to suit your preferences in your projections.

For example, you can use Game mode for your living room if you want the best contrast, while you can use the Cinema mode while playing for the best color accuracy quality.

Pros and Cons: What I like and What I don’t like about the Benq TH585?

The TH585 offers the best of both worlds for gamers and casual watchers with its dedicated Cinema and Game modes. Its image quality is also superb compared to the other projectors in the same price point, and it is also easy to use, with many options for connectivity, whether it is an HDMI or a VGA. Lastly, it has adequate brightness that can light up a room pleasantly without any eyesore.

Bottom Line: What do I think? Is BenQ TH585 the best home theater projector under 500?

While TH585 is the best entry-level projector that is also lightweight and easy to carry around, it will still not be enough for outdoor uses since it offers lower brightness when used outdoors. In addition, the sound system is also a sore point since, without any speakers, you will not be able to hear everything clearly when you are using it outdoors.

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Conclusion: The BenQ TH585 Review

The BenQ TH585 offers so much for its more affordable price point, making this a prime choice for people who want to experience the best projections without having to break their banks. While you can do better with other high-end equivalents, the BenQ TH585 is still a heavyweight in terms of its offerings while being lightweight in terms of portability at the same time. In short, it has so much to bring without asking you to shell out more.

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