About Us

Technology Featured image about usWe are a products reviewing company on a mission – to help you and other online buyers make smart options when investing on products. Today, there are millions of online shoppers (you included) who are in constant need of dependable and unprejudiced information. It is also an era whereby bloggers and vloggers are on the rise, each claiming to provide their audience with unparalleled information. Ours isn’t a mere claim – it’s a promise. You can trust us to point you to the right direction whenever your search for the best speakers, routers or projectors kick-starts.

Besides making it easier for you to find what you are looking for in a heartbeat, we also offer in-depth reviews of the products that are worth buying. This means product specifications up to the last detail. In our reviews, you will find out which features have been incorporated into the products and their capabilities.

Our detailed reviews are also honest and unbiased. In other words – we don’t sugar coat things. We are sure to tell about the good aspects of a product that deserve a thumb up, and we are also blatant enough to inform you of the bad aspects that you should be aware of. Be sure to check both the pros and cons of the reviewed products to know what your expectations should be after making a purchase.

Unlike others who base their reviews and rankings solely on expert reviews, we take customer reviews into consideration as well. We acknowledge that expert reviews are highly dependable, but relying on them exclusively can be misleading. There are a few reasons why this is so, and one is that expert reviews are based on personal opinions, which may vary greatly from one expert to another. What one expert may find to be an awesome feature may not necessarily be the same case as far as another expert or user is concerned.

Another reason is that experts test products within very short periods of time, thus do not anticipate how well or badly products will work or last over time. Most of the expert only test products in a matter of days or hours, and this may not be enough time to test the products’ functionality. Besides testing products within short durations, experts test products in select environments, thus cannot conclusively tell how the products will work in other environments.

For the above reasons, we couple expert reviews with customer reviews in order to give you a comprehensive analysis of the products. This helps you to have a deeper understanding of the products and how they work over diverse periods of time and under different conditions. In addition to that, we make your choice even easier by providing you with buying guides that enable you to know which crucial features to look for in a product.

It’s good note that we evaluate a broad array of products and only present you with the very best. With the full spectrum of information that we give you, you will be in a position to make smart decisions when purchasing products, and ensure that your hard-earned money ends up where it should.