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5 Best Alarm Clocks to Buy in 2023 | Review 2023

Best Alarm Clocks
Written by Edwards

Sonic Alert SBB500SS SonicWhether it’s a weekend or a weekday, the struggle to get off the bed is a challenge to all of us. Frankly speaking, everyone has a love-hate bonding with his alarm clock.

We may not guarantee that buying a new alarm clock will make it easier to wake up, but we can recommend a few clocks that may make getting off the bed a little bit easier.

There are a variety of options that are available in the market and amongst them are the old-school analog favorites or the digital models. The clocks can be cheap or expensive, but that heavily rely on what you’re looking for.

Moreover, there exist preferences for kids, adults, heavy sleepers, tech-savvy and much more. Here, we have discussed the alarm clocks in the market that suits your desire most.

5 Best Alarm Clocks Comparison

Alarm NamebranddisplayPriceCheck Price !
Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch
Sonic Alert SBB500SS

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CubieTime Alarm
CubieTime Alarm

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 Day Clock - Extra Large
Day Clock - Extra Large

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INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm
INLIFE Light Alarm

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Electrohome EAAC601 Projection
Electrohome EAAC601 Projection

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What To Look Before Buying The Best Alarm Clock

Essentially, the utmost feature of an alarm clock is its reliability and ease of use. A quality alarm clock should be comprehensible from varying distances plus a well- considered and planned alarm function. On the contrary, if an alarm clock is badly-equipped, this makes it very hard to use as it comprises of some complicated, unnecessary features and this can be disturbing to a user. Such important and most desired features include:

  • Multiple Alarm Settings:Means above that the clock is characterized of a five or more daily alarms that automatically cut out after a set period of 30 seconds to a minute. Unfortunately, most alarm clocks that are available in the market features a switch to turn off the alarm.
  • Long lasting battery:Most people will prefer an alarm clock that will go for days without the need for battery change or recharge.
  • Volume Control:The speakers should be loud enough and audible to be heard with ease in an apartment where there exist other types of sounds such as TVs and radios.
  • Easy to setup:A good alarm clock should be exceptionally easy to set up. The instructions should be clearly and precisely written in the user manual that comes in hand with the alarm clock during purchase.It should also not be lit during the night, unless by the tap of a button since most people do not prefer extra light in their bedrooms not even from illuminated numbers since that will disturb their sleep.


5 Best Alarm Clocks to Buy

Sonic Alert SBB500SS SonicSonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock suits people of all ages who experience a difficult time getting off the bed in the morning.

Over an extended period, a turbocharged loud, vibrating alarm clock and the dominant 12V bed shaker is going to force up your hearing and blow your windows forcing you to open your eyes.

It comprises of a tone and volume control switch on top and a large red LCD with a red display. The product weighs approximately 1 pound, and also marked by a rugged design comprising of a vast and simple-to-read display.



  • 113db loud alarm comprising of an adjustable tone and volume controls.
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s one-year blast proof warranty.
  • The Sonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock is a dual alarm.
  • Upgraded battery backup that backup the alarm and time setting for up to 7 days.
  • It Supports both 12 and 24-hour time formats.


  • It might appear a little tricky to set it up unless you follow the user manual keenly.

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clocks are impressive, and we specifically recommend them to profoundly deaf people, hard-of-hearing, and heavy sleepers too. If the sound is not enough, the shaker will wake you up. This clock will get almost everyone off the bed!

CubieTime Alarm ClockThe cubietime is small, solidly built, and easy to use. It merges a standard alarm clock with two USB charging ports and two stranded AC power receptacles, just placed on top of the cubietime gadget. These power receptacles can bear up to twelve amps fifteen hundred watts.

It characterizes an auto update for Daylight Saving time, simple to set single day alarm, surge protection, and display dimmer (3 levels and off)and fits such strict UL standards as UL spill test.

This gadget also comprises a battery backup, pass-through plug, and a security c clamp to keep the device stable on the surface.



  • Easy charging station.
  • The numbers are crisp and sharp even when dimmed, which is not the case in other clocks whose light look fuzzy.
  • Provides a dimmable display which can be set according to one’s need.
  • LED light illuminates sewing area for optimal viewing.
  • It characterizes dual USB receptacles, dual power outlets, and a very simple to set and use an alarm clock.


  • Slightly expensive

This alarm clock is very useful, simple to use and most importantly of excellent quality. It is most preferred for hotel rooms as it features dual USB ports and power outlets though it will be as useful at home making it adapt to whatever new cordage type you need such as charging tablets and phones.

Day Clock - Extra Large ImpairedThe alarm clock features an incredibly well spell out clear and large letters for the month, the day of the week, date and time. It also characterizes a multiple color display of white or yellow and an alarm function.

It comes with a backup battery, in the case of a blackout, the clock automatically resets the date and time when the power is back.

The setting options are “Set Date”, “Set Time”,”Date Mode”, “Time Mode”, “Language”, “Auto Dimming,”, “Show Period Of The Day”, “Hourly Chime”, “Color Mode”, “Alarm Frequency”, “Alarm Time 5”, “Alarm time 4″…….all the way to “Alarm Time 1”. All these settings are user-friendly.



  • An up to two-year warranty which is unlimited.
  • Automated date and time reset after a blackout.
  • It Comes with a power backup.
  • A multi-lingual setting option ranging from Dutch, Welsh, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Polish.
  • A dimmable backlight display with a turn off option.


  • The only challenge with alarm clock setting is that the frequency must be set for all the 5 alarms.

The Day Clock – Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock is an efficient recommendation to people who experience impaired vision due to its featured large lettering. It would also be an excellent clock for an office where people are constantly reminded of date and time.

INLIFE Wake Up Light AlarmThe INLIFE Wake up Light Clock features sunrise imitated wake up lighting that precedes the alarm time by 30 minutes, slowly becoming brighter up to 100% from 10% at the beginning.

The gradual lighting effect wakes you up gently. It also comprises of 7 differing alarm clock sounds of which six are natural sounds and six changing night lights including green, purple, blue, red indigo and orange.

The indigo color option is excellent for an atmosphere of romance. The clock has an FM radio and three charging options such as a USB charger, a socket jack, and a choice to use backup batteries.



  • has a simple-to- touch keys for setting both the alarm time and the snooze mode.
  • With an FM radio, you can listen to a channel of your choice once the alarm goes off.
  • The sunset imitated night light that starts at 100% brightness, gradually dimming to zero.
  • • The clock can comfortably run on AAA batteries.


  • The light function does not function with the AAA batteries, but only when plugged in power.

With the In life wake up light alarm, there is hope for a better way to wake up. This alarm clock provides a gradual and gentle wake up process which is very much similar to our natural way of waking up. The elegant and neat design is excellent with many-in-one features. The alarm clock could be a perfect choice for everyone because the alarm sound is louder and crisper.

Electrohome EAAC601 ProjectionHere is an advanced clock-radio that will set date and time automatically even after power outage. The 3.6 blue display allows one to comfortably see the date/time and clearly view the room temperature. The display can be adjusted to dim and suit your preferred brightness.

The clock-radio features a durable battery and a 3.5AUX audio input that lets you enjoy your favorite song from your Android, IPad or tablet.

You can also opt to use the in-built Digital AM/FM with up to twenty stations memory. This gadget also boasts sleep, snooze, and nap option keys.



  • Using and setting up the alarm is just but a snap.
  • The built-in digital FM/AM radio and the AUX audio input allows you to enjoy music before getting off the bed.
  • This modern clock radio will spontaneously set the date and time thus saving all your alarm settings when there is a blackout.
  • On the wall, the clock display can be varied from crystal clear to being blurry suiting your preference.
  • The user manual is user-friendly.


  • The illumination setting of the base clock only has bright, mid and off settings, and it would be great to have one with an adjustable setting which barely shows the time.

The projection alarm clock is the latest representation of reliability and convenience. The combination of an automatic date and time settings, permanent room temperature display, F/M radio and audio input, all within such a small-sized gadget is a perfect choice for everyone. It is an excellent choice as a ceiling projector clock too.

Final Verdict

  • An alarm clock is a must have for almost everyone who wants to work on schedule. It is essential to normalize your waking up time each day as this is healthy even to the internal biological alarm clocks. As much as we want to get off the bed on time, some people require a more advanced gadget with such features that can shake one out of bed while others opt for an alarm clock that will make waking up being gentle, thanks to the alarm clocks that emulate the sun rise/set. The above-discussed clocks are best-selling in the market. Next time you go shopping, the choice lies in your hands.

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