November 27th, 2021 at 05:47 am

A 4k projector is the perfect home entertainment addition for amazing movie-watching experiences with friends and family. Besides, you no longer have to break the bank to buy one. Here are the three best 4k resolution projectors under $1000.

Can you imagine watching a film on a giant screen, let’s say 300 inches, at a low resolution? It’ll be a terrible watching experience for you. On the other hand, if you choose the best 4k projector for under $1000, your watching experience will be the next level. 

Now, you might be wondering how it is possible – A good 4k projector under this budget, how? I know it is difficult but possible. Therefore, today I am going to share with you the three best 4k projectors costing less than 1000 dollars.  

  1. ViewSonic PX701
  2. Optoma UHD-30
  3. ViewSonic True 4k 

1. ViewSonic PX701-4K

ViewSonic True 4K UHD - best 1000 dollars 4k projector

The PX701-4K offers a magnificent UHD resolution at a low price. Not only does this incredible device support HDR and 4k resolution, which are ideal for watching your favorite series, but it also offers a refresh rate of 240Hz and a reduced input lag of 5ms for gaming. I love the lumens count of 3200 and the high-quality sound that this projector provides, which translates to high-quality visuals and top-quality audio in almost any environment.

The automatic vertical and horizontal keystone adjustment feature, together with the four-corner correction, provides bright and clear images on screens of up to 300 inches. The image quality is impressive due to the remarkable lumens, keystone correction features, and 12000:1 contrast ratio. The other plus for the PX710 is the advanced DLP 4k UHD chip, which includes XPR technology.

Pros & Cons:

What I like:

  • Reduced input lag and refresh rate ideal for gaming
  • Incredible UHD resolution
  • Immersive audio in multiple environments
  • Bright visuals
  • Automatic keystone correction

What I don’t:

  • Background noise

2. Optoma UHD30 4K Projector

best 4k projector under $1000

The Optoma UHD-30 is a feature-rich device that makes watching your favorite show more fun. It is infamous for displaying superbly bright images with clear-cut colors, which are among the few reasons why I love this 4k projector. Another thing I appreciate about it is the 4k resolution, minus the motion blur, thanks to the DLP light engine.

On the other hand, this gadget has a few drawbacks, such as the background noise and the banding with HDR. It is quite bright, which is evident even when you set it on the blurrier Eco mode; it is much brighter than many of the projectors I’ve utilized. Considering most projectors get blurrier with time, the brightness might not be an issue as the lamp becomes older. If you love the extra-large screens, this gadget is perfect for you.

Pros & Cons:

What I like:

  • High-quality images even on large screens
  • It has no motion blur
  • Impressive lumens

What I don’t:

  • Background noise

3. ViewSonic PX727-4K True 4K Home Theater

best 4k projector under $1000

This 4k resolution projector provides an impressive 3500 lumens count, and it also features a high-quality build. Besides, it displays top-quality images, which would be perfect for a movie night. The PX727 features an RGBW color scheme, therefore it displays bright whites, and it can display to screen sizes of up to 3 feet.

The lamp life also impressed me since it lasts a whopping 4000 hours. Additionally, it provides decent connectivity with a VGA port, USB port, and 2 HDMI ports, and so much more! It is also HDR compatible.

Furthermore, this ViewSonic projector has a DLP Chip interior; thus, it cannot project native 4k resolution. On the other hand, the 4k pictures displayed are crisp and incredibly bright and are very close to the ones displayed by 4k projectors. I liked how this product comes with an economical price tag, the wide gamut of colors it offers, and connectivity. However, it is not the ideal product for gamers.

Pros & Cons:

What I like:

  • Decent connectivity
  • 3500 lumens
  • RGBW color scheme
  • Durable construction

What I don’t:

  • Not ideal for gamers

Buying guide: How to choose the best 4k projector for your needs under $1000?

Do you want to buy a new 4K projector and don’t know where to start? Fear not, for this buying guide is here for the sole purpose of making this tiresome process less tiring. Continue reading to find out more;

Resolution: Can I expect an Ultra HD resolution from a projector that is costing less than 1000 bucks? 

The resolution and contrast ratio of 4k projectors should be the first thing you check for when buying your device. A decent resolution with a decent contrast ratio will display awesome images for you. An increased resolution on a 4k projector usually makes the images crisp and clearer. Again when the contrast ratio is good, the white and black levels of the pictures become clearer.

When a projector has an increased contrast ratio, the whites are brighter, and the blacks are darker, translating to better picture projection. Therefore, ensure you check for resolution and contrast ratio for enhanced display.

Brightness & lumens: Does 4k resolution affect the brightness of a projector? 

4k projectors usually have a lumens count of 3000. Naturally, projectors have a lot of brightness for watching your series and movies in a dark or dim room. Increased lighting will aid in keeping the image displayed clear in a room with ambient light. More brightness from your projector is also handy if you’re displaying a large screen of 110 inches or more.

Throw distance: Short throw distance is possible for a $1000 4k projector? 

This is the distance at which your projector must be positioned to project to a particular screen size. For instance, a projector featuring a throw ratio of 2 will project an image with a 10 ft. width when positioned 5 Ft. from the screen. Therefore, lesser throw ratios are normally the best. This means you can produce a bigger picture without needing to move the device too far away from the screen.

Portability: are 4k projectors good at portability? 

A lighter projector is typically easier to carry from your home to a friend’s home for the perfect movie night. It is best to have one that’s portable for convenience and flexibility. It is easy to set up and carry with you when traveling.

Connectivity: What ports are essential for my 4k projector?

This is an essential factor when buying a 4k projector. It allows you to link different gadgets comfortably and view what you want. It is necessary for the projector to come with various ports that enable connection to other gadgets. If you’re buying your 4k projector for the purpose of entertainment, it must have ports to link USB, gaming console, and speakers.

A projector without at least the basic connectivity options is not ideal. This is also the case with your 4k projector for business use since you may require connecting your PC, Laptop, or smartphone. Thus, before purchasing your 4k projector, ensure it offers connectivity options that will suit your needs.

Lamp life: What is an ideal lamp life for the best under $1000 4k projector? 

The lamp that will power your projector typically has a limited life. They usually last for a few thousand hours before they have to be replaced. Look for a 4k projector that has an extended lamp life that will last a longer period.

Conclusion: Which one is best for you? 

I settled on these three after testing more than 20 4k projectors under $1000. Let me give you a brief review of each. 

The first projector is ViewSonic PX701-4k. As it implies, something that offers true 4K resolution. With the projector, you can enjoy detailed video playback as it can decode HDR video signals. Moreover, It offers an excellent gaming experience because of its 4.2ms input lag and 240Hz refresh rate. 

Who’s it for? 

It’s an amazing option for everyone. It is one of the best cheapest 4k projectors on my list. I recommend this projector for home users. 

The second $1000 4k projector is from Optoma called UHD30 True 4k. With fantastic picture quality, it offers 8.3 million distinct on-screen pixels. It is HLG compatible with HDR10 support. Its advanced gaming mode is designed in such a way to give you an enhanced gaming experience with a lag-free input response time of 16ms at 240Hz.

Other key highlights, such as extensive connectivity, long lamp life up to 15,000 hours, and reduced eye strain, are unbeatable for the price. Compared to ViewSonic PX701-4k, it is a bit expensive. 

Who’s it for?

Its balanced 50,00,00:1 contrast ratio and 4K UHD resolution produce outstanding picture quality. I recommend this Optoma UHD30 for those looking for gaming, indoor/outdoor movies, and camping. 

The third 4k projector under $1000 is ViewSonic PX727-4K. Compared to PX701-4K, it offers more features. However, you’ll have to spend more on this model. Comparatively, it offers better sound and has the support of dual HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect two devices at once. 

Who’s it for? 

It’s a high-end and expensive 4k projector for around $1000. I liked its remote control that features illuminated buttons, comes in handy while using in the dark rooms. So I recommend this model for indoor/outdoor entertainment. 

Finally, you have all three best 4k projectors under 1000. Now it is your turn to choose according to your budget and needs. 

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